Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (52): Good Friday will still be Good at Home

Hello… Mazi, how far now?  Happy good Friday.

Same to you Egbon. this wan wey your dey sound like this; hope all is well

All is well o, na this isolation don tire me. The isolation never tire you

Hmmm. E don tire me but complain no dey ever solve anything

Mtshw, e no dey solve anything but e dey help sometimes make you just voice out something. To siddon for house no easy o and I remember the days wen I dey wish say I no get work because I wan siddon for house

Na life be that, be careful what you wish for because you may not like am.

you see these Chinese people and their wahala?

Wetin happen?

Ahn ahn, you never hear say dem dey pursue our people from their country, even the once wey dey live there; dem dey pursue dem. Dem even seize their passport and travel documents

Enh! And we dey hear dey invite their doctors to come treat us. You sure say no be their worst doctors dem give us?

Na good question be that. For this crucial period, I no believe say na their best doctors na em dem go bring come this country to help us. See wetin dem don dey do our people wey dey there and government never talk anything but if na Ghana do am no now, before you know it Ghana must go bag go fall out from everybody house.

Na my issue with this country and with Africa as a whole be this. We too dey value oyinbo. We dey value oyinbo pass ourselves and wetin we gain from am? Nothing. Instead oyinbo too dey value demselves pass us. With all dey Chinese people wey dey this country, we don ever chase one before? Talkless of seizing their document?

My brother, that wan no fit happen; say we chase china commot for this country? Our government no get that kind mind. The only time dem get mind na when oil matter reach

Egbon, you dey go church today? As per good Friday?

Which church? For Abuja here or for my village? No be me and you government talk say we go stay for house? If I talk say I dey go church e no go surprise you?

Mmmh, no vex; I just dey ask because some people dey plan to go against government and go church for the good Friday.

No ooo. Na house I dey o. e get any prayer wey dem dey pray for church wey I no fit pray for house?

Na the same thing wey I tell my wife be this. I tell am say we go do our own good Friday mass for house and god go hear am. E no mean.

Exactly e no mean. The thing wey dey confuse me now be say, some states don talk say dem go allow people go church for good Friday and Easter service but federal government don talk say social distancing and isolation must be observed for this easter period; which one people go hear now

Tor, I no know that one. E go depend on the state wey you dey but I know say for Abuja here; no body go fit go church without any wahala. Task force go just spoil your good Friday so e better make you just stay for house.

Na so. Ehen, I be wan forget to tell you say lagos government don dey go from house to house to find the people wey get corona.

Na wa o. this thing na serious thing o. I pray say dem go find everybody wey get this corona and cure them fast fast o.

At least dem dey work and we dey see their work small small. Alright, make I come dey go

No problem. Help me greet your wife o. bye bye.

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