Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (45): Kyari Bites the Dust

Mazi, you never hear?

Hear wetin? Egbon

Aaaah, you never hear say your Chief of staff, Kyari don catch coronavirus

Tah, na lie

No be lie o. dem done even shut down state house because of the matter

Ehn! Wetin I dey hear so? If chief of staff get am, e mean say Bubu don get am now.

No. Bubu never get am; dem test am and the test come out negative but Osinbajo don isolate enself because en don hug and shake Kyari.

No wonder some ministers including Lai Mohammed go visit Kyari for Aso Villa and press come dey ask them how Kyari dey and Lai Mohammed come dey talk say e no good to expose identity of person wey dey sick. And I come dey wonder say, who dey sick? Na Kyari or na the Lai Mohammed himself

My brother na Kyari dey sick o. State house don even reduce the amount of media houses wey go dey come there to only thirteen.

All because of Kyari? That thirteen sef too much; dem for reduce am to only five, make only the big news channels dey come.

Even Bauchi state governor don catch am

Hmmm, no Atiku pikin don finally give am the virus. If Bauchi state governor and Kyari get am den e mean say plenty people for government don get am be that now

Honestly, and you know the thing about this life? The hospitals wey dem no gree repair and build to international hospitals, na those same hospitals dem go use now; none of them fit go abroad for treatment

Kai, that na real irony of life; dem go dey go the same general hospital with us as we dey so and na the same doctors go treat all of us. Money no fit buy health oo

You talk am well. I pray say Osinbajo no go catch am… I like that man well well

Corona go catch who e wan catch, e no go check whether na person wey you like or not.

Ehen Mazi, you hear wetin Department of Petroleum Resources talk?

Say they won’t be fuel scarcity? If dem join fuel scarcity to the wahala wey dey on ground now; e don be now.

E good as dem dey tell people say fuel scarcity no go dey because e mean say dem don dey take measures on how to stop any scarcity wey wan come and this their talk go even stop any rumour wey go wan start about fuel scarcity

Yes oo. Because fuel scarcity go make things worse for this country. Imagine as dem dey close down markets and public places for Lagos den fuel scarcity go come join am

Dem close down markets for Lagos?

Yes oo. Markets, club… anywhere wey go make people gather, dem close am. But the shops wey dey sell food go dey open; so people go still buy food wey dem go chop

Na the way be that. If lagos no take serious actions like this the amount of people wey go die for lagos go fit pass the one wey dey Italy

Yes. I really commend their governor, unlike Abia state governor wey talk say Abia dey bible and therefore the people of Abia state dey protected from corona

Mtshw. Which kind talk be that ehn? No this kind thinking na em carry Kyari go Germany go carry corona bring for us here? I no just understand some of this our leaders at all.

Na today dem start this their behaviour? E don tey

My brother e don tey. Na only God go help person for this country

Na only am.

Make I come dey go

I dey your back

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