Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (51): Pastors will not Let Our Money Be

Hello Mazi, how far now? This wan wey you no wan pick my call. I don dey call you since now.

Egbon, so o. I leave my phone for parlour make e charge; light no dey since yesterday and e never tey since dem bring am. You don hear say Oyo state pastors… I mean governor, Seyi Makinde don recover from corona virus

Enh… I hear am o. thank god o; the way some people dey recover from this disease dey give person hope. Even for the city wey corona start from for china, people don recover seytey dem don open the city now

Ehen, so dem don end the lockdown for that city?

I dey tell you, everything for that state done go back to normally as if nothing even happen.

That’s good news. If that Wuhan fit go through corona and survive then there is hope for us.

Hope dey. The lockdown go soon finish but I dey suspect say government go increase am

Aaaah Mazi, no pray  that kind prayer o; this lockdown don tire me, make dem no just increase am

Egbon, leave that thing… dem done even increase the lockdown; na because dem never announce am yet, na en make you dey talk another thing

You want make people die? If dem increase this lockdown some people go die oo, hmmm

No body go die because of lockdown, lockdown no be punishment; na for your own good.

I know say for my own good but e no mean say I like am; e get any person wey like to siddon for house from morning to night? Just leave matter for mathias.

Nna enh, these our pastors for this country na business men o

Wetin happen?

Because of lockdown, some pastors no fit leave their tithe and offering even for this period; dem dey collect offering for inside internet

Na wa oh. So you mean say people don dey use their bank card pay tithe and offering?

Na so we see am o. This period wey people dey find money and people need money to buy things for lockdown, na em pastors still dey talk about tithe and offering for internet.

For this kind situation, I no go blame the pastors; na the people wey dey pay the tithe and offering wey I blame especially if dem no get the money.

But e be like no be all pastors dey do am and some pastors dey share money sef

If na so den na good thing be that; and no be only pastors sef, anybody wey feel say en get ability to help another  person for this period make dem do am. Anybody fit do good now

Yes o. anybody fit do good. Make we no always dey wait for government or rich people to help people for this country. All of us fit do the wan wey we fit do.

Na true you talk o.

Make I come dey go. My phone battery go soon finish.

Okay no problem. Bye bye

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