Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (47): Lock down but not Locked out

Hello Mazi, you fit hear me? Hello hello… this lock down enh… hello hello

Hello Egbon, I dey hear you now. E be like say your network no good

Sorry jare, no be network na my hand dey cover the speaker for my phone. How far now? You watch Bubu speech last night?

Nna enh, I watch am o. for seven sharp me and my wife don tune in. from the thing wey I see, e be like say that Bubu speech na record them record am

Even me sef as I dey watch am, e no be like say na live announcement; wetin dey wrong for live announcement? If en come do the speech live, dem go beat am?

I know for am? Maybe en get other things wey en wan do

En get something better to do? Wetin Bubu go get wey better pass to address en people for this kind crucial point in time?

Abeg make we leave that one, at least en address us; remember as we dey insult am when this wahala start because en no wan address us and now en don address us so make we just take this one je je. We dey talk about Bubu, we never even talk how we go do this lockdown wey dem don announce for the next two weeks

That na if the thing go be two weeks. E fit reach one month sef; the two weeks fit finish and them go come talk say make we add another two weeks.

Hope say you don buy all the things wey you and your family go need for this lock down

My brother, na the wan wey I get money to buy na em I go buy o. I no fit come and go and kill myself.

You know say Bubu talk say dem go give money to people who need am and the people who get loan for government bank go get some kind help

That one good but the thing be say, when… which time dem go give money to the people wey need am? Which time?

Na the thing be that. Even the people wey no even get house… where dem go go do their lock down?

Mazi, no dey ask question wey no get answer. You dey talk as if you no know the country wey you dey. Even as dem don declare lock down today today, some people go still sleep for road.

Hmmm na wa. The lock down na for people wey get house honestly; maybe when task force dey waka about dem go see the people wey no get house come give them house.

But you know say the task force for Abuja dey do their work well well o

Yes o. on Saturday dem go scatter people wedding o; dem no even fear

How dem go fear when dem get instruction from government; even church services, dem go dey scatter church services and dem even arrest one pastor

But wetin dey do some pastor wey no wan obey orders. Na so bible talk? make dem dey disobey orders?

No mind dem, na because dem no wan lose their tithe and offering

Na wa o. so because of money you go break the law and encourage your congregation to break the law too. No be greed be that?

My brother na real greed be that. Instead of them to donate money and food items to the needy… na tithe and offering be their problem

Help me tell them. You know see as all these rich people even the one wey no dey go church dey donate anyhow?

I don see am and na good thing be that. God go bless them

Yes o. make I come dey go

Ok o. before credit finish

Exactly. Bye bye.

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