Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (46): Star Times Will Starr Education

Egbon, how far now? This wan wey you come my house today? Wetin happen?

Mazi, two days don reach and I no see you for that our newspaper stand, na em make me come check you for house. E good say you dey alright

I dey alright oh. Na star times we dey watch sef; I dey try stay indoor small.. no chances. You wan come inside?

No oo. No worry, I no go stay long. Which time you start to dey watch star times no be gotv you dey watch before?

My brother, no be because of my sister pikin. As en mama drop am here and school no dey, I come hear say star times get better program for children wey go dey teach them dey things wey dem suppose learn for school

Oh. Ahn ahn, that is good; e good make we dey engage this children for better thing. No be say dem go siddon dey watch all type of nonsense for television. How much be the star times sef? E cost?

Star times no cost o. dem get different package for different people and all of dem good. Me sef as I dey watch am, I dey learn something

Maybe I go buy the star times for house, make we sef dey watch and learn

Nna enh, na real watching and learning. You don hear say US wan come carry all their citizens commot from this country?

Aaah, dem still get citizens for here; when everybody don run go their own country since?

I know, na the thing wey I hear I dey tell you so.

Eh heh, the main thing wey carry me come your house. You hear about the explosion wey happen for Ondo state?

Which explosion again now? Which kind wahala be this? Na another gas explosion?

The thing be say no body know wetin e be. People talk say the sound blast for night and for morning the road for that side divide into two and open big hole for ground

Ewo! For night? E kill people?

I no think o. but the thing injure a lot of people and e even destroy one church building for that side

Come o Egbon, you sure say no be rapture be this?

My brother, I don think the same thing because if na bomb blast, bomb blast suppose cause fire but them talk say fire no dey and the road divide into two.

Wetin dey happen for this world. First this virus wey just dey spread anyhow; the thing don reach about eighty people o

I hear am. That is why we must be careful because the truth be say if e catch you; dem no go just test you like that o, dem go tell you make you wait until the thing wan kill you before dem test you

Beht why?

Because dem no wan waste test kit and no be all hospitals get the test kit sef; everything dey for short supply that is why prevention is better than cure

Hospitals no too get resources to help patients like that; for news this morning for star times dem talk say Obasanjo don donate one of en house to government make dem take do isolation centre

I hear am too. If na true then na good thing be that because if you see the kind place wey dem dey take do isolation centre you go cry for the people wey get this virus for this country

I see the wan wey dem dey use for Kano state; that isolation centre alone fit make person wan hang en sef.

Na wa o. anyway, make I come dey go

Okay o. thank you for coming o

No problem.

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