Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (44): Face Mask and Gloves is the Way

Mazi, this one wey you commot this morning with face mask, I done dey fear say you no go commot today

Hmmm, Egbon the whole town don turn to ghost town; people no wan commot from their house o. I just tire, I need small exercise

Even me sef, to siddon for house don tire me; with my mask and gloves I fit protect myself everywhere wey I wan go

I swear. No body for my house hold dey commot without face mask and gloves. I know say people dey look us but e better like that. Prevention is better than cure

My brother, prevention dey better than cure ooo. My neighbour organize birthday party for en pikin and na only five people come and all of them wear mask and gloves

Aaaah, I’m really impressed say Nigerians dey aware and dem no dey think say all these things na joke

Even for bus sef. I see one bus wey carry people and all of them wear mask and gloves. Even for some churches, the space wey dem give themselves na serious space.

Make I hear say dem no give themselves space, for north korea the person wey spread the virus na for church en go spread am and e be like say dem go hang the pastor of that church for endangerment

Chai, so na so that pastor go lose en life because en wan do service by force

My brother, some people no wan hear. Right now as things dey hot, person no fit just cough or sneeze anyhow o

Hmmm, if you wan cough; you go cough and sneeze inside your mask. You don hear say the Nigerian Medical Association don order all doctors on strike to call off their strike and resume work

That wan better now; is this the time to be going on strike?

Na bad time be this, but the association talk say dem go still dey talk to government on behalf of the doctors

The doctors go even hear sef? Will they even go back to work?

Dem go go now. Medical Association don tell dem to go and dem go go if not that wan na risk for their medical license be that.

Ehen, I even read something say hand sanitizer no dey really work for the virus

Who talk that one?

Na wan doctor talk am, say e better make you use soap wash your hands for at least twenty seconds

Ehen, okay now. Na to dey wash hands every time. My brother you hear say government don reduce fuel pump price?

Ehn ehn. I no hear am o. how much dem reduce am to?

Fuel pump price is now one hundred and twenty five naira now o

Oh my god. This na very good news; wetin inspire them to do us this kind good thing?

I know? Maybe na the corona virus wahala cause am. But the thing be say, na one thing for government to talk am and na another thing for them to implement am

That is true o. all these oil marketers fit come say dem no go implement am

But make we dey watch and see; hopefully dem go implement am and obey wetin government talk.

Make I come dey go; this my mask don dey lose too much, I wan go change am

Okay o. no problem. You dey go work?

No o. my office don talk say make all of us work from home.

Oh you tell me yesterday sef, I don forget. I go go work but I go just wear my mask and gloves.

Hmmm na person wey dey alive fit work oo. Prevention is better than cure

I don hear.

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