Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (270): Jack Dorsey Knocks Buhari

Jack Dorsey Knocks Buhari

Mazi: Bubu no suppose talk this kain thing with the wey the country dey like this o

Egbon: Hmm, i bin think say you go still come this Newspaper stand, con tell me say Bubu talk no too bad ni (cut in..

Mazi: Abeg, i no get time for argument, i don talk my own commot mouth, this kain talk no follow at all

Egbon: Shebi e dey look like say i dey over talk if i dey talk something ontop this Bubu government matter, anyways i like the thing wey Jack Dorsey do Bubu

Mazi: Na who be Jack Dorsey and wetin him do Bubu?

Egbon: Jack Dorsey na the oyinbo man wey get Twitter and you remember say Bubu post something wey many Naija people say e no follow

Mazi: I sabi that wan, na the thing wey Jack Dorsey do i wan know

Egbon: Ok, as Naija people shout ontop twitter say Bubu talk fit cause another Civil war, na so dem ask Jack say make him suspend Bubu Twitter account

Mazi: Ehn ehn, him don suspend the account?

Jack Dorsey

Egbon: Na gradually gradually Jack wan dey do am, him never suspend Bubu account, but him delete the tweet, naso federal government con dey raise nose

Mazi: Wetin federal government talk ontop the matter?

Egbon: Na Lai Mohammed talk, him say dem dey suspect Twitter, say e look like say the social media company get bad belle for Buhari government

Jack Dorsey
Jack Dorsey

Kingsley Moghalu For Presido

Mazi: This Lai Mohammed man, i no understand him way again o, wetin him dey try talk in particular self

Egbon: My brother, na as you confuse, na so me self no get the thing wey him dey try talk o

Mazi: I sha know say very soon, Naija people go get the chance to take their finger decide who go become our next Presido

Egbon: Yes o, and na why i dey talk say make naija people remember all these things wey dey happen now, to take make better decision in 2023, make we vote better candidate wey go provide better life

Mazi: I hear say Kingsley Moghalu don announce say him wan contest for Presido if 2023 reach

Egbon: E make sense, make better better people dey show face, na among them we go pick one, this suffer head no be here

ISWAP Attacks Troops In Borno

Mazi: I no just understand why everything just be like this, i hear say some people go pai the aide to Benue governor, Samuel Ortom

Egbon: Hmmm, na only that wan you hear, you never hear say some people pai PDP youth leader for Imo state, dem even burn him car plus house

Mazi: This everyday killing up and down get as e be o

Egbon: No be small matter o, i later read am for inside news say ISWAP people attack Army for Borno, say naso the people for that area dey run for their life

Mazi: Ehn ehn, government suppose do something fast fast o, before the matter pass wetin hand no go fit reach again

Egbon: E never finish o, i even see another tory wey talk say some people pai one Fulani leader for Kwara (cut in..

Mazi: E don do Egbon, no be bad bad tory carry me come read Newspaper, open better tory make we check

Spiritual Power Fails Masquerade In Oyo

Egbon: Where better tory dey, no be killing plus kidnapping full everywhere since, and now wey Bubu suppose talk wetin go make people calm down, him dey warn Naija people

Mazi: E look like say i no go dey come read newspaper for here again o

Egbon: How for do, you need to dey come, sake of say we suppose sabi the thing wey dey happen, con see as bullet enter this Masquerade body

Mazi: Ah, who shoot the masquarade?

Egbon: Dem say na Oyo state the thing take happen, say the Masquardae dey try show him juju before the thing con fail, naso bullet enter him body o

Mazi: This wan na helele o, person go sha dey hear different different tory

Egbon: My brother, e tire man pikin o, make i con dey move jare

Mazi: Ok now, we go see later

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