Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (237): Education Dey Importanta

Mazi: This Education wey I manage get, maka chukwu, I go make sure say my children attend the best primary and secondary school plus University

Egbon: This one wey you dey talk like this, e be like say something shele, na wetin happen?

Mazi: Na one small pikin o! If you see the grammar wey dey commot for this boy mouth, and I no sure say the boy go pass five years (cut in…)

Egbon: Na which kind pikin be that? You sure say no be parrot baby?

Mazi: This one pass parrot baby o!

Egbon: Oga o! Na wa oh, this jet age pikin self

Mazi: But wait o, wetin you mean by parrot baby?

Egbon: Parrot baby na any pikin wey dey talk pass him age

Mazi: Eh en, so na wetin dey cause am?

Egbon: My brother, so many things dey involved o (cut in…)

Mazi: Like what?

Egbon: Sometimes, e fit be say their mama or papa dey blow too much grammar or talk too much, and some other times e fit be say the pikin dey watch too much cartoon wey grammar full inside or may be the pikin just dey intelligent

Mazi: This thing wey you talk now no dey far from the truth because I don reason am say how pikin go sabi talk like that for that kind age (cut in…)

Education Dey Importanta

Egbon: Mazi, e no surprise me o sake of say the things wey dey happen for this jet age na wonder 

Mazi: No be small wonder o, even pikin wey them born today don begin to dey try talk

Pidgin News (237): Education Dey Importanta

Egbon: Although, I no too like grammar like that but e no mean say I no go like make my children dey speak the grammar for me o

Catch Them Young

Mazi: Na now you balance the equation well! E dey good make parents dey identify the unique talents wey dey inside their pikin as them dey grow, so that them go fit guide them aright with sound education and other things wey the children go need to fulfill their destiny

Egbon: No be lie, but Mazi you know say e no dey easy like that! No be all parents or guardians get the money to train their children (cut in…)

Mazi: Egbon, money no be everything, even though money dey important, any parent or guardian wey won wey wan give their children better education go do am even with the little resources (cut in…)

Egbon: Wetin you mean by that?

Mazi: You know that idiomatic expression wey talk say “cut your coat according to your cloth”? Na the answer to your question be that!

Egbon: Mazi, I no dey for English class o! If you won answer me, answer me with English wey I go fit understand!

Mazi: Na the same education thing we dey talk about! No be until person go school before education fit take place! Education fit take place anywhere, that’s why we get wetin them dey call formal plus informal education

Egbon: Mazi, you sure say no be school we dey so? The grammar wey you dey speak plus how you take dey break the points down dey make me believe o!

Mazi: Thank you very much for the acknowledgement! Na this one we dey do so dem they call informal education! So person no fit say because him no get money, then him no go fit advise him children or caution them when them go wrong. And if for any reason the person no fit, e better make the person no born pikin o

Egbon: Gbam! You don talk am finish! Some people go just born plenty children without plans to train them and still come dey expect others to help them train them (cut in…)

Facing Reality

Mazi: Na before before that kind thing dey happen well well, no be like today wey eyes don sharpen! Nowadays enlightenment don dey about family planning and how to raise healthy children. By the time you nurture pikin till e grow, put am for school and pay school fees for formal education, you go advice yourself well when you won born other children

Egbon: Seriously o! Speaking about education, I even hear say Abia State Governor Okezie Ikpeazu go inaugurate Teachers Professional Education Development Centre for Delta State

Mazi: Delta kwa? Hmmm, my own be say as him dey travel dey go inaugurate other state own, make him also do am for him own state because na home charity dey start

Egbon: Na reality be that! Make I come dey go jare, we go see na

Mazi: It’s alright

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