New Scam Trend Causes Commotion in Delta

A new scam trend has caused a ruckus in Delta state after an unsuspecting trader fell victim to it.

In a viral video making rounds on the internet, a man was seen raising the alarm after his colleague was scammed to the tune of N440,000 in a local market in Ogwashi-ukwu area of Delta state.

According to his explanation, the man said the scammers bought twenty bags of rice from the young lady and paid her the full money in cash. With the help of a colleague, the lady counted the money and confirmed it complete.

New Scam Trend

However, after the customers took the rice away in a white sienna, the lady realized that all the naira notes had turned to plain paper, but unfortunately, the scammers were long gone.

This unfortunate event gathered a surprised crowd who took pictures and recorded the bundles of paper as evidence. The man finally warned people to be careful of customers who come into their stores.

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