Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (17): Fake Kidnap… Real Punishment

Nawa o Egbon, you know say I no know say people dey fake their kidnap to get money

Ahn Ahn Mazi, how you go talk say you no know? Something wey people dey do well well especially for Lagos

Nna enh, which kind wahala be this? Them never catch original kidnappers finish; na fake one police go come dey find? You know say some of our problems for this country na we dey cause am

Mazi, my own be say people wey dey fake kidnap ehn; make their punishment pass the people wey actually kidnap

I agree with you, how you go fake your own kidnap so that your family or employer go commot money give you; if e no be wickedness, wetin e be?

Na serious wickedness o, and most of them enh; when you read the news dem go talk say dem do am to get money to marry or to get money give boyfriend or girlfriend

Na wa o, as I read am today the thing just vex me. You know say the thing wey I tell you dey come true

Prophet Mazi, wetin you talk?

You no remember the time wey I tell you say Nnamdi Kanu no go fit enter this country? En don release statement say he never sure say he go come attend en parents burial

Na true o, e be like say e no go fit make am

Fit make am? If dem born am well en no go make am at all. With all the wahala we en don cause for this country

Honestly, ahn ahn as if e wan start another civil war for this country

And the thing wey dey pain me be say; en no experience that war first hand, so en no see all the pain wey our people go through because of war and he wan come start another wan. Na God go punish am

E never reach like that now

E reach. E reach well well. If person wan do activism to help change the nation and make it a better place for en people; are there not other ways to do it?

Other ways dey

So which one come be the violence and the confusion wey en dey cause?

Violence is not the answer

Exactly! Dem dey use fire quench fire?

At all

So wetin we dey talk? Na God go punish am because en dey mislead plenty people and it is not right.

Sooner or later en go buy sense

I hope  it is sooner than later. Emeka Ihedioha still dey feel shock o. this sack wey dem sack am as governor no gree with en system

Which kind talk you dey talk sef. If na you dem sack without apology like that, e go gree with your system?

Enh! God forbid… may we never see such

Amen o. Ihedioha even talk say en pity those who dey celebrate Uzodima’s victory

Unto wetin? En don loose, en don loose. Make en take am as e see am. Na so politics be; nothing is permanent

Na so e be o. Kai and the way wey things go take change enh, e go burst your head ten times.

I’m telling you. Na so power be; that’s why e better make person just go do business. E get anybody wey go go tell Dangote or Otedola say dem don run their business for four years now, make dem allow another person run am?

How no? dem never born that person. But if everybody dey do business, who go come run the country?

That one na another question. Hmmm. To each his own

Indeed. Na the quantity of water wey go do you na en you go drink

Honestly. Make I dey go shop

Okay o. Till tomorrow.

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