Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (16): Our Country People in the Abroad

Mazi, these our country people wey dey do fraud abroad no dey fear sef; everyday dem dey arrest our country people wey dey abroad for one type of fraud or the other

Egbon, wetin happen?

Dem arrest some of our country people for Vietnam come give dem forty nine years for prison because dem scam one woman for sixty five thousand dollars

E good for dem now, since dem think say Vietnam na country wey dem fit go dey do that dier nonsense

And you know say dem dey kill dem o. Dem dey kill dem and our government no dey talk anything

Wetin you want make dem talk? If our country people wey dey abroad no wan get sense and dem wan go dey embarrass this country, anything wey dem see make dem take am

Mazi, Your own harsh sha

Egbon, leave that side. Child wey no wan hear word make en ready to collect the cane wen the time reach. You read wetin that minister talk?

Wetin en talk?

He talk say Nigeria go soon send somebody to the moon, say na the newest mission be that

Which kind useless mission be that? But really, who dey advise this our government?

Na our fellow country people dey advise dem now

Mtshw, I just tire. Who tell dem say na moon we wan go? Instead of dem to give us light and good road and jobs, make life better for us; dem come dey talk moon matter

Make the people wey wan go moon dey go.

Who go even wan go sef. Na people wey never see food chop go go? Make government come go abandon you for that moon wey you follow go

Omo na true o. if dem succeed carry person go moon and another president enter; en fit say since no be am send anybody go moon, the people wey dey moon no be en concern.

We dey, dey watch am. Nigerians never finish to dey do better for abroad and other countries; na for moon dem go come go dey do well

Some of our country people dey do well for other countries na just say you no dey hear am; na the bad wan wey dem do you dey hear

I agree but why the bad one come boku… e don dey too much now; if no be fraud, na drugs. Na only us get problem?

No be only us but at the end of the day man must to wack

That one too dey. I pray the fraud go stop, at least if e no fit stop make e reduce

Fraud no good but sometimes you no go blame dem, even APC chairman talk say the country isn’t working and we are losing hope in our leaders

That one na news? Na today we start to the lose hope in our leaders?

If you ask me, who I go ask? This thing wey you talk now now, the man wey talk that talk know say we no even get any hope for leaders for this country. Na hope na en we get before na en make people dey rush dey go Canada? Mtshw … Abeg leave that one. En just wan open mouth hear the sound of en voice

Na truth you talk. I no fit add anything because you don talk am finish. My brother Shehu Sani don carry EFCC go court o

Say wetin happen?

Say dem detain am unjustly

En dey sue dem for one hundred million naira

Na wa o. say make dem come give hundred million naira or what?

Na em be that. Say all the stress wey en suffer amount to hundred million naira

That wan na em know. I don tire for en case sef

Even me too

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