Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (169): Kankara Boys, Matters Arising

Kankara Boys

Egbon: I don talk am before say if government do something wey i suppose clap, i go clap and if dem do something wey i suppose talk i go talk am too

Mazi: Naa which one dem con do now o

Egbon: This time around, i carry kudos give government ontop this Kankara boys as i hear say dem don go collect the students wey dem kidnap

Mazi: Ahhhh, this wan wey you carry kudos give government like this, rain suppose fall o

Egbon: If rain wan fall make e fall and if naa sun wan shine, make e shine, which one be my own

Mazi: Rain go fall sake of say you see say government do better something now since all these days wey you don dey see the bad bad things wey dem dey do

Egbon: Naa you get that cup of tea no be my own, anyways, as i dey carry kudos give them, e still get some things wey i observe too o

Mazi: Laugh… i talk am, you no fit carry kudos make you no still add but inside the thing, wetin you observe o Oga observer

Egbon: The things wey i observe plenty o, but make i just mention like two, number one, government talk say them no pay money before dem collect the students back

Mazi: Ehn, how that one take be bad something, at least e show say dem find another way take collect the students back

Kankara Boys

Egbon: Iro ni, naa lie, our government for this country too dey lie, even if dem pay money, dem no go talk true

Mazi: The thing wey matter pass na say government don collect the Kankara Boys back

Egbon: Is ok o, another thing wey i observe naa say, the number of students wey come back plenty pass the number wey government announce say dem dey find

Mazi: See, Egbon, these things wey you dey talk say you observe no too matter

Egbon: Wetin con be the thing wey matter o?

Mazi: The thing wey matter pass naa say the Kankara boys don come back and Bubu don talk say him government no go fold arm ontop security matter

Gunmen Attack Emir

Egbon: Is ok, make we no check the fact wey we suppose check, is ok, make we no ask about the Chibok Girls, is ok sha

Mazi: No be that one i dey talk, the thing wey matter this time naa say dem don come back

Egbon: I hear your own, shey you hear say Gunmen don attack the motor wey dey follow Emir of Kaura Namoda, Sanusi Muhammad Asha

Mazi: Ahhhh, that one serious o, shey dem no wound am sha?

Egbon: According to the tory, the gunmen don pai 3 of the police people wey dey follow the monarch o

Mazi: Kai, that one dey painful o, make God dey help us for this country o

Egbon: As we dey hope say make God help us, make government too no sleep ontop the matter, make e no go turn yam pepper scatter scatter

No Christmas In Benue

Mazi: Con check this tory o, dem say Governor Ortom don cancel Christmas plus New year celebration for Benue state

Egbon: Why dem go cancel Christmas for the state now

Mazi: The Governor talk say the way the security dey for the state dey give him headache

Egbon: Tor, e better like that o, make dem no go put people life for inside danger

Mazi: Naso me self think am o, make i con dey go self

Egbon: Is ok, later now

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