Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (143): Nigeria And Loan Naa 5&6

Egbon: If i talk now, Mazi, you go say i too dey complain o, you go say, i no dey hopeful, naa when the Hope wan full like this?

Mazi: Wetin happen again, e be like say you don see another thing wey no sweet your belle like this, talk am make i hear

Egbon: Naa this Naija matter now, the thing don dey taya me small small o, abi which kain country person con dey like this keh

Mazi: Naa why i no dey too like your talk be this, instead make you go straight to wetin dey your mind, you go dey beat around Bush, you naa Nigeria George Bush?

Egbon: No be say i dey beat around bush, naa how the thing dey pain my Belle dey make me do like this, come see this news again o

Mazi: Wetin dey inside the tory, who die, abi naa who wan die

Egbon: Nobody die jare, but as e be like this, e be like say naa kill this Bubu government wan kill Naija people o, dem still dey plan to borrow loan ontop the debt wey dey for ground, and you say make i no talk

Mazi: I no hold your mouth say make you no talk, i just dey try talk say make you no dey beat around bush, naa how much dem bin wan borrow again o?

Egbon: Dem say naa $750 million dem dey plan to borrow from World bank now o and no be say Naija people go benefit from the ( cut in…

Mazi: Abeg, wait make i ask you o, wetin dem wan take the money do?

Egbon: Dem say dem wan use am do economy for some states, make dem Economy fit stand well for ground

Mazi: This wan full mouth o, borrowing no be bad idea but the thing wey be my concern naa how the loan go fit help naija people live better life

Egbon: Abi now, Naija government and loan don turn 5&6, make dem no even go borrow our pikin future join wetin dem dey borrow up and down

Kogi Government imposes Tax On Bread

Mazi: Naa prayer we go dey pray like this because me self no understand how the thing dey go again o, i even hear say Kogi government don explain why dem carry tax put ontop Bread for the state

Egbon: You see that Kogi Governor naa another politician wey no dey try at all for this country, as people dey complain ontop many things wey dey happen for the country, him still dey do this kind something

Mazi: But him commissioner for information talk say dem dey try generate revenue for ( cut in…

Egbon: Which kain yeye revenue dem dey try generate, shey naa this kind period dem suppose dey try all these yeye thing wey dem dey do

Mazi: The thing self shock me when i first hear am o, sake of say, as e be now, Bread naa another food wey masses for this country dey try buy chop o as many food stuff don grow wings con dey fly ontop roof

Egbon: Naa all these things i dey reason together wey make me dey complain say many of these politicians no like the country at all

Mazi: We no get option pass say make we keep hope alive like this o, Egbon, you no see as Super Eagles disgrace themselves when dem play with ( cut in……

Egbon: Mazi, abeg abeg, i no even wan talk anything ontop wetin happen when dem play that match, nothing dey even give person Joy ontop Naija matter, o ga gaan o

PTF Issues Advice On Xmas Celebration

Mazi: The match pain me self, but how for do now, How far, you dey travel for Christmas?

Egbon: I never know jare, why you ask if i wan travel

Mazi: The people wey dey help federal government talk COVID-19 matter, PDF dem ( cut in…

Egbon: No be PDF, naa PTF dem dey call dem

Mazi: You sha don understand wetin i dey try talk, dem don advise say make people no too travel this Christmas o

Egbon: But why now, make dem no go see dem people

Mazi: Dem say naa to make sure say the COVID-19 case no go pass as e be like this, you no say people go dey celebrate, dey shake hand, dey gum body and from there, dem fit carry the virus

Egbon: Wo, awon lo mo jare, naa dem sabi, no be wetin dey do me be that

Mazi: I just say make i tell you and even if you go travel, make sure say you use face mask, you say you wan con buy sanitizer, i no see you

Egbon: Naa the money never complete, if e complete i go con buy am

Mazi: Naa 1 million sanitizer you wan buy, anyhow e be, stay safe, i wan dey go

Egbon: No wahala, take care

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