Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (142): Salary For Repentant Boko Haram Members

Repentant Boko Haram Members

Mazi: I just dey feel happy today, me self no even know why my Belle dey sweet me like this

Egbon: Ahh, which kind Belle you get like this, you no dey hear everything wey dey happen for Naija, you say you dey happy, how come 

Mazi: Abeg abeg, no pour sainsain for my Garri, so, sake of say something dey happen for Naija, make i no fit dey happy, naa your happiness?

Egbon: Nawa o, Oga gaaan o, people dey complain say something no smooth, things no be as e suppose be, you say you dey happy, wetin cause the happiness

Mazi: You see ehn, this life wey i dey, i no fit kill myself, i no fit come get High blood pressure ontop wetin dey happen for Naija

Egbon: E don tey wey i know say you no like the country true true, naa only mouth you dey make, this kind period now, naa time wey everybody wey love the country suppose dey sober

Repentant Boko Haram Members

Mazi: So as i no dey sobber now, i no love naija, na wa o, e be like say you no like better News at all

Egbon: Which better news dey inside paper? I don check the papers front and back no better news inside, shey naa this one be better news abi which one gangan

Mazi: Open that page again, make i read that Headline well……, naa true say federal government wan dey pay Boko Haram people wey don repent salary?

Egbon: You see, naa one of the things wey dey make me and many people wey dey concern about Naija dey talk be this, how government go do that kind thing, you see say e no make sense at all

Mazi: If naa true say dem wan dey pay dem 150,000 naira every month, e no make sense true true o

Egbon: The person webi assistant for Bubu talk say the news no be true, but i know say very soon, we go know if naa true abi naa lie

Adesina Eulogies President Buhari

Mazi: Gbam, the truth go come out, you don read the thing wey Femi Adesina talk about Bubu

Egbon: I never read am o, wetin him talk again, because naa so so defend him go dey defend Bubu

Mazi: Before nko, you no want make him defend the Person wey dey pay him salary, according to the News wey i read, Adesina talk say him commend Bubu o, say him act like true father

Egbon: Which time him act like true father gangan, ASUU dey for strike, Boko Haram dey kill people, still him dey talk say him act like father, which kind father?

Mazi: If you ask me, who i wan ask now, at least no be me be Adesina, this wan wey you dey ask me these Questions now, i no be Adesina, naa Mazi i dey bear

Egbon: Is ok o, i hear you, but the thing wey i know naa say him no dey talk like person wey sabi how things dey for the country

Mazi: According to the article wey him write on Friday, him talk say if no be say Bubu act like father wey get patience during the EndSARS, the matter for turn yam pepper scatter scatter

Egbon: Ehn ehn, nawa for this Adesina sha, which kain talk be this, News dey talk say dem bin dey plan to dey pay Boko Haram people wey repent money every month, CBN freeze bank account of people wey protest peacefully, Adesina con still dey talk this kain thing for mouth

New Petrol Pump Price 

Mazi: I even hear say e possible make the amount wey dem dey sale petrol increase o

Egbon: Me self hear the news, you con see why i dey talk say the thing wey dey happen for Naija no fit allow many people to dey happy

Mazi: But still, we no suppose con die sake of wetin dey happen for the country now, no matter how the matter be, everything go still dey ok

Egbon: When everything wan dey ok?

Mazi: Naa that one i no fit answer o, but i know say everything go dey ok, make i con buy the petrol keep before the thing go scarce

Egbon: You better dey careful, make you no go burn your house sake of say you wan buy petrol keep for House

Mazi: I don hear you, i go dey careful, make i con dey go before people plenty for petrol stations

Egbon: No wahala o

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