Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (123): Labour Congress Declares Strike

Mazi, you don ready for labour congress strike?

Egbon, which strike again?

Ahn Ahn, you never hear say labour congress go start strike starting from 28th of September?

Mtshw, who get energy for all these nonsense. Wetin dey make labour congress declare strike now?

You dey talk like say you no dey this country. No be you dey complain about fuel price and electricity price increase.

Oh na because of fuel price labour congress dey declare strike? Strike no go work this time… go tell labour congress say dem wan waste their time

Who tell you say strike no go work. Strike work before o… abi you don forget?

That na how many years ago and the person labour congress dey go against that time na Goodluck Ebele Jonathan. Una thing say Bubu go fold for strike?

So wetin that wan come mean? Say Goodluck na soft president?

No be me talk that wan o. na you talk am… I just talk say labour congress dey waste their time and Bubu no give listening ear to this their strike wey dem wan do now.

Na you know. Me I believe say this strike na good move wey labour congress wan do now.

Mtshw, how you no go like the strike… you dey go work before?

Which kind talk be that… please please no insult me this morning.

How I take insult you now? You dey go work?

Yes, in fact my office don call for resumption

Ok so you dey go work today?

No but that na because we dey do shift and my shift go start on the 28th of September

Ha ha so the thing wey you wan tell me no be say, if labour congress go ahead with the strike… e mean say you no go resume office.

Yes and that wan no be my fault.

I talk anything? I no talk anything o… all the people wey dey labour congress and dey lead this impending strike get their own selfish interest inside the matter and you people dey shout up and down.

Na who dey shout?

Una wey dey support labour congress strike now. You go follow dem go road go protest?

You and who? I no dey go anywhere o… abi you don forget say corona still dey on duty. The fact that fuel price increase no mean say corona don disappear.

Gbam. As you see me so… strike or no strike, I dey open shop; I no get time for all these nonsense. Man must to wack

You don talk true. At the end of the day man must to wack

You don see the havoc wey rain cause for ariria market?

No o. na flood?

My brother, remaining small make e turn to flood and make water carry all the shops wey dey for that market. From the thing wey I see enh, e be like say even one drainage no dey that market.

Na wa o. so water don destroy people goods now

I swear. For this period wey people dey find money, na em rain dey come destroy people goods and properties.

And rainy season never near to end o.

Mtshw. God help us ooo

Amen ooo

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