Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (105): Corona Virus Vaccine Is Here

Mazi, the world first corona virus vaccine done come o

Egbon, good morning… wetin dey cause all these excitement?

Ahn ahn, you never hear say corona virus vaccine don show?

Corona virus vaccine don show where? For Nigeria here?

No e never reach this country but dem don do am. Russia don make the first corona virus vaccine

Ehehn, that is good. So when dem go start to the share am?

Na corona virus vaccine o, no be eba… wey dem go share just like that

I no understand. The vaccine no be to prevent corona virus? If dem no share am to people… wetin come be the point of making the vaccine?

No, be say dem no go share the vaccine but e get somethings wey dem go first do before the thing go spread go other countries. Now wey dem don do the corona virus vaccine for Russia, other countries go buy the sample and test am first… na after that test then dem go start to dey buy am in bulk to share to their people.

Oh okay. So e mean say them never finish with the production of the corona virus vaccine now; if people still need to test am… that testing go take time.

E don finish but ahn ahn… Mazi, if you wan buy car, you no go test the car first before you buy am?

You go test am but corona virus vaccine no be car

Exactly e no be car, and in this case… no be everything wey good for the goose dey good for the gander. If the corona virus vaccine wey dem do for Russia dey work for Russia people… e fit come dey kill other people for another country. People body dey different.

Hmmmm okay o. all this testing testing and you dey rejoice as if the corona virus vaccine dey your house now now

E never reach my house but as dem don do one vaccine… I know say another vaccine go soon commot and very soon we go dey everywhere like Panadol extra.

I see your point. Anyway Russia try say na dem do the corona virus vaccine first

Dem try. Ehen you don hear the nonsense wey Obasanjo talk as people dey attack am for the thing wey e talk about that Senator Buruji?

I no hear o. wetin e talk?

E talk say e no care about the things wey people go talk when e die

I believe am. Na the kind thing wey Obasanjo fit talk be that; the man no get shame.

I dey tell you, e no get anything wey you wan tell OBJ wey go pain am

Obasanjo. Kai, but at the end of the day enh… na em be the best president wey we don ever get for this country.

No oooo. I gree with you

So who come be the best president wey don ever get for this country?

Murtala Muhammed.

Murtala Muhammed wey do presidency for only two minutes… abeg, e die before e fit accomplish anything

No talk like that o. Murtala Muhammed achieve a few things before e die and en be the most respected Nigerian president wey we don ever get. Check am now

Leave that wan. All this wan wey you dey talk na sentiment. Obasanjo na the best president wey we don ever get till date

Make we gree to disagree

I gree. Governor Akeredolu don inaugurate Amotekun

That’s good, we go see the thing wey dem wan do with this Amotekun

Honestly, I pray say e go make impact

We dey watch…as always.

As always o my brother.

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