Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (104): Kashamu Buruji Is Gone

Mazi, you don hear say corona don carry another Senator?

Who Egbon?

Na Senator Kashamu Buruji… e die for hospital for Nigeria here

Eyaah, Kashamu Buruji … kashamu buruji na which state en represent for national assembly?

I think say na Ogun state but at a point sef… dem make am vice chairman of senate committee on state and local government

Eheh, kashamu buruji…. No be the senator wey get some kind legal problems for abroad?

E be like say na him because Obasanjo even talk am for en condolence letter

Wetin Obasanjo talk?

En talk say kasahamu buruji fit escape all the problems wey e get with law for abroad and for Nigeria but en no fit escape the hands of death

Na wa o. na wetin Obasanjo go talk for condolence letter be that? That wan no be condolence letter, na letter of… enh…

Letter of consequence

Exactly. Na letter of consequence be that. Kashamu buruji family don reply am?

I no think so o because I never hear anything; if dem go reply am… e no go be now, dem still dey try accept their loss

Na true, the thing wey Obasanjo dey talk now no go concern dem… maybe dem never even see am sef

That one too dey. And if kashamu buruji family no reply am, another politician go reply am just wait and see.

Yes, another politician wey dey close to kashamu buruji… maybe Ben Bruce sef.

Ben Bruce na kashamu buruji friend?

Yes o, na em even spread the news of kashamu buruji death and as e talk am… e call am en dear friend

Ehen, wait first… Ben Bruce still be senator for this country?

Yes now, e dey represent the state of Bayelsa  

So if person become senator for this country, en tenor no dey end? E don tey since Ben Bruce become senator now

Mtshw, sometimes you dey talk as if you no know the country wey you dey again. No be for your front Obasanjo do presidency for eight years come talk say e wan extend am to twelve years? Power dey tire person… e dey tire dem?

My brother, e no dey tire dem… even if their tenor end dem go find way to still remain in another kind of position.

No be for your front Fashola finish as lagos state governor come turn into minister of power?

E don do now, I don gree with you.

Ehen, you hear the new position wey governor Bala create for Bauchi state?

I no hear o. e get any new position wey go worse pass commissioner for joy and happiness?

Wait make I tell you now. Special assistant on unmarried women affairs

Hmmm, which wan be that wan again?

At first, when dem announce am people, especially women come dey vex say which kind useless position be that

Na another useless position now

Then en come explain say the position na for women wey don divorce and widows. Say the special assistant on unmarried women affairs go represent those women and help them in case of any wahala for the state.

Oh I see. The idea no bad but na the title… make dem change the name of that position

Na the same thing wey I talk be that.

Make dem just change the name of the position, the position no bad at all… many widows dey suffer especially wen e come to taking care of children

Na so. Me I pray say the person wey dey the position go do good work with her position.

Make we wait and see. Na only time go tell

My brother.

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