Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (100): Insecurity In Nigeria Is Work In Progress

Mazi, happy sallah o

I wish you the same Egbon, this wan wey your voice dey do like say hot yam dey inside your mouth. You dey chop sallah meat?

Which sallah meat? I be muslim? And with this sallah, people no too commot with all the insecurity wey dey on ground now.

Who tell you say people no commot? You wey no dey commot your house, how you take know say people no commot?

I hear say people no commot and e make sense because Nigeria get insecurity right now.

Na today insecurity start for Nigeria? Wetin even bring insecurity talk from your mouth this morning?

Na the thing wey Bubu talk yesterday now, abi you no heat the thing wey e talk?

Wetin e talk about the insecurity wey dey this country?

Bubu talk say dem don do their best; say dem don do everything wey dem fit do for government to commot insecurity for this country

I laugh in Chinese. Wetin dem even for the first place? Wetin dem do about all the police wey dey rape girls for road or the people wey dey kidnap up and down and dem dey talk say dem don do their best. Which useless best

Even mesef I no understand that en English, e come be like say I no fit read English well again because from what I know insecurity for this country dey on the rise and Bubu get guts to talk say dem don do their best

Mtshww, even Wike, people ask am say wetin e think of the transport money wey don increase because of corona and e reply say… e better to pay the high transport more instead to use cheap wan and then kidnappers for road go come kidnap you.

You know say our leaders sabi give durty answers to simple questions

Real durty answers, en no even put small sympathy for the people wey go pay the high transport money at all

E get sympathy? e get any Nigerian leader wey get sympathy? Dey no fit sympathize with anybody until this so called insecurity affect them personally; na the only way dem go fit sympathize with anybody.

And again dey get bodyguards wey dey guard dem from morning till morning

Exactly, so all these insecurity wey we dey shout up and down; dem no even know wetin e mean because they are constantly protected.

Ehen, I be wan ask you sef


You don hear say we suppose wear goggles for eye to protect us from corona?

Wetin be goggles and wetin do the mask wey we dey wear?

Goggles na plastic eye glasses but e big pass the normal eye glasses wey you dey see on a normal day and nothing do mask o; in fact the thing wey dem talk na for us to wear mask and the goggles at the same time because corona fit enter our body through our eyes.

 Na wa o. so you mean say person fit catch corona now through the eye? So if I look person wey get corona, I don catch am

Ahn ahn, no be like that o. na if you touch your eye after touching corona then you go catch am and if you wear goggles you no go fit touch your eye anyhow; you know say we dey touch our eyes anyhow, even without knowing sef.

Na true. Even me sef I dey touch my eyes anyhow; my wife even quarrel me yesterday because I scratch am until e turn red.

E be like say you go need the goggles den.

I go dey control myself for now, abeg I no get energy to wear two things for face like lagbaja. Person go wear mask come wear goggles on top again.

Make sure you control yourself o. this corona is serious o

Ehn, I don hear.

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