Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (103): Aisha Buhari In The Hospital

Mazi good morning

Egbon, good morning… how you dey?

I dey o, still dey wait for food… serious hunger dey catch me.

Na wa o, na so hunger dey catch you for early morning. You don hear another wahala wey don enter aso rock? Aisha Buhari…

Wetin happen? Bubu die?

Ahn Ahn, na wa for you o. why you no dey allow person land before you talk? and you think say if Bubu die, you for no hear am by now?

Sorry oh… oya continue

Na Aisha Buhari o…

Wetin do am? She die?

You wan hear this story or not… na you kill am? Or e be like say you wan kill bubu and Aisha Buhari

Abeg o. I no wan kill anybody o, na the way wey you start the tori na em make me think say person die.

Na your own dey worry you this morning. Anyway, dem don fly Aisha Buhari go dubai for treatment… she dey sick

Eheh, wetin dey worry am?

I no know o. dem talk say as she come back from her condolence visit with Ajimobi wife na em the sickness start

You see why I dey fear all this condolence visit and burial especially of person wey no be your family member… na from there things like this dey start. Anyway thank god say no be corona

At first dem even quarantine Aisha Buhari because dem think say na corona but as the neck pain no stop na em dem come carry am go dubai.

Neck pain? Who tell dem say neck pain na symptom of corona? Anyway thank god say she no get corona

You dey thank god say Aisha buhari no get corona; you no know say e get plenty sickness for this world wey worse pass corona?

I no but if she get corona now, she fit give am to bubu and na from there yawa go gas.

Forget that thing bubu no fit catch corona, if Abba Kyari fit catch corona die without giving it to bubu; den bubu no fit catch am.

That wan wey you dey talk na your village people talk be that. Nobody dey immune to corona. The way wey dem dey sack pilots these days enh, I no come understand am again o

Nne enh, every day I dey hear of pilot wey dem sack… the thing dey shock me because from what I know; pilots dey always get work

My brother, work no dey again now. Which plane dem go fly when people no dey go anywhere?

Na true o

And the money wey dem dey pay dem as salary plenty

Yes o. dem dey pay dem well well; na em make try push my son go do pilot but as I hear the amount wey dem dey pay as school fees for pilot school… I change my mouth

Ha ha, make I hear say you no change am. Na because of that school fees na em make their salary dey dey very high.

Make dem hold their salary first.

But some pilots wey dey work for private people go still get their job; like the pilot wey fly Aisha Buhari go dubai now… those kind private pilots no dey quick lose their job like that

But this Aisha Buhari thing enh, I pray say e no go turn into another thing o

I pray so too. This wahala wey dey edo state… wetin go stop am?

Na me you dey ask? I look like Oshiomhole or Obaseki? Abeg leave those people. Na dem start the trouble and na dem go solve am… wetin concine me sef

Exactly. The drama go end and we go see the result very soon.

Very very soon.

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