Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (102): Baby Making Factory Produces Lies And Deception

Egbon, good morning o… make I ask you something

Mazi, I dey hear… ask me

You don hear about baby making factory

Aaaah, you don come again o. abeg wetin be baby making factory? Dem don dey make pikin for factory with machine?

Baby making factory na baby making factory. You see some of these midwives wey dey for east especially… dem go kidnap small small girls and get man to give all of them belle and wen dem born, dem go come sell the pikin

Olorun maje. You mean say people dey do this kind thing for this country?

I surprise say you never hear say baby making factory dey this country. The new thing wey dem dey do now enh… I no fit talk am with mouth

Abeg talk am, I wan hear

If dem see a woman wey dey struggle to get belle with her husband, dem go tell am say dem get medicine wey go help am get belle

I no understand. No be baby making factory dem be? No be to sell the pikin give the woman?

Wait fes now, allow me to land…

Okay sorry… continue

Dem go tell am say dem get medicine, when she gree, dem go charge am big money o… almost one million naira and she go pay half before dem give am any fake medicine wey dem fit lay their hands on; den dem go give am another medicine so that she no go fit see her menses and by the time she tell dem say she no dey see her menses… dem go tell am say she don get belle

Na wa o and meanwhile dem go carry one man to give one of the girls wey dem don kidnap belle

You dey catch up quick.

But now, what if the woman go hospital and dem scan am? Dem go see say pikin no dey her belle now?

That is why the baby making factory people go tell the woman say make she no go do any scan for any hospital if not the pikin go die…. And out of fear the woman no go go. When time to born reach dem go open her belle like say na caesarean session and close am back… come give her the pikin wey one of their girls born and she go go her house

My goodness!! No be sheer wickedness be this?

Person wey open baby making factory to sell babies… no be wicked person?

So that husband and wife now go think say she born, mean while she no born anything

She no born anything and if something happen along the line and dem come do DNA test for that pikin the man go think say en wife born the pikin for another man… not knowing that the pikin no even get two of them blood at all at all

Kai! Some people deserve death

No talk that kind thing

How I no go talk am? How person go deceive another fellow human being to this level? Na to die now, imagine say na you e happen to and you come find out… you no go go kill dey people wey dey that baby making factory.

Tufiakwa! Abeg I no dey imagine that kind thing, in short make we change the topic.

Mazi, you too dey fear. You hear say FG don increase the punishment money for hate speech from five hundred thousand to five million naira?

I hear o. useless people, na the only thing wey dem fit do be that. Give us good roads… mbanu. Na this wan dem sabi do

My brother. Me I know say one day this their yeye hate speech go shoot dem for leg. We dey watch

We dey watch o.

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