Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (101): Hydroxychloroquine Is Now Fifty Thousand Naira

Mazi, you don buy your own supply of hydroxychloroquine?

Na wa o, Egbon, wetin I do you wey you no even tell me good morning or even ask me whether I sleep well before the jamb question?

Sorry o but I dey rush you so that you go rush out before the price go increase

Wetin I need hydroxychloroquine for?

Which kind yeye question be this? Abi you no know say hydroxychloroquine dey cure corona virus?

Who talk that wan? If hydroxychloroquine dey cure corona or corona get cure, you think say we go still dey do all this wahala of social distancing and mask?

So because something get cure, you go catch am? Prevention is better than cure mazi.

Egbon, hydroxychloroquine no be cure for corona… some doctors don talk say e dey work for their patients and other doctors talk say e no dey work for their patients.

E no matter, I don go buy my own just in case

In case of what? In case you catch corona? Na people like you dey make pharmacies increase price of this drug… I no know why government still dey allow pharmacies sell this drug without doctor’s advice

Doctor talk say hydroxychloroquine is good for corona, no be doctor’s advice be that? Which other advice you dey wait for again?

Okay as you dey buy hydroxychloroquine just in case, what if you catch corona and you come be among the people wey the hydroxychloroquine no dey work for, wetin you go do? You go drink am come get hydroxychloroquine poisoning on top?

Ehn, leave that wan…. If that bridge come I go cross am. Many doctors don dey talk this thing since and we no dey wan listen.

I don talk my own, you no the current price of this hydroxychloroquine now?

Na one thousand now

Which yeye one thousand, something wey una don buy plenty don make pharmacies increase the price to fifty thousand

Ennh!!! Fifty what?!

Now person wey wan buy am for real sickness no go fit

That wan no be my fault o, that wan na the armed robber pharmacy fault; dem suppose arrest the owner of that pharmacy for armed robbery.

Indeed but who go arrest them? Na you? Akpabio don link two former delta state governors to the NDDC projects o

Who and who?

En call James Ibori and Emmanuel Uduaghan

Na wa o, wetin dem talk?

Wetin dem go talk? no be to talk say na lie… dem go deny am now and wen dem go Akpabio house go threaten am, e go change en mouth again or talk say na play e dey play

I no know say e go hard person to call common names like this.

Who tell you say na common names dem dey tell am to call? If na common names, strong man like Akpabio go fear.

Abeg jor, Akpabio no dey fear anything

Ha ha, if e no dey fear den make e write list of names and go call am for national assembly in front of everybody. Yeye…

Maybe na the next step wey e wan take be that now… you no go know as you dey here so

Okay o, make he take am… we dey wait am

Governor Masari talk say na only thirty policemen dey protect one hundred villages for Katsina

Mtshww, wetin e want make we do about am? Abi na boast e dey boast?

I know for am? E dey talk as if e no know wetin to do about the situation, if only thirty policemen dey protect one hundred villages then you employ more policemen… no be so?

Na so o. abeg leave all this people wey no know their left from their right

I swear. Alright o, have a good day

You too

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