Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (64): Orji Uzor Kalu has won the Second Round

Hello Mazi, wetin dey?

Egbon nothing dey happen o. na this Orji Uzor Kalu news wey I hear now, I dey try understand.

Which news? I no hear am o.

Nna enh, supreme court don release am from jail o and dem don disembark that en twelve year sentence.

Aaah. Na wa o. how come?

I no know o. you know say the time wey dem be sentence am en talk say e go carry am for appeal; so as en carry am go appeal for supreme court na em dem end en sentence, release am from jail.

So you mean say Orji Uzor Kalu na free and innocent man as we dey talk now?

Na so court talk. Court don talk say en na innocent man now.

En hire good lawyers be that now.

How e no go hire good lawyers. With all the money wey Orji Uzor Kalu steal; you think say na small lawyers en go carry follow go court?

So, wetin go happen now… na so EFCC go leave am

If I hear. EFCC don dey plan another way wey dem go carry go another court again. Dem talk say Orji Uzor Kalu get too many implication for the fraud case and dem no fit leave am.

Hmmm. Na so dem dey do; dem go do higi haga higi haga forget the case and every body go do as if no Orji Uzor Kalu dem even arrest in the first place.

You don talk finish. This thing wey you talk now don happen plenty times with so many people wey dem catch with fraud for their hand, so Orji Uzor Kalu no be the first.

And en no go be the last. Mazi, you know say your president no dey happy?

How you take know that one now?

Ahn ahn, you never hear say en brother pikin die?

I no hear o. ayah, this wan wey death just dey around am anyhow; first na Abba Kyari and now na en nephew.

Na so we see am. At least no be am the death come carry. Federal government don tell NAFDAC to look into herbal treatment for corona virus.

Ahn ahn, that wan na my lane now; make dem come meet me I go show them good ogbonge herb wey fit cure everything including madness sef.

Mazi, which time you turn herbalist? All these years wey I know you, I never hear say you dey make herbs.

Egbon, no even talk that wan; na you no wan know. Me wey be specialist for herb?

If you be specialist for herb and you dey even cure madness, why you still dey go hospital?

I no dey go hospital like that now

Mazi… you wey catarrh dey carry you go national hospital sef.

Egbon, see enh e be wan thing to no know person well but no dey lie for my head. Which time you see me for national hospital because of catarrh?

Na you tell me wan time now, say you get serious wey no wan go and you go hospital

Even if I go hospital, no be national hospital I go. That wan na lie.

Hmmm na wa o. from orji uzor kalu to herb to me being a liar. Mazi no make me vex o.

Abi na me suppose vex for you.

Hmmm ok now. Make I come dey go… this disrespect don too much.

Me? Disresket? Okay.

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