I’m Asari (Episode 45): Chores Be Damned

“So what’s this thing about Lota you have been disturbing me about?” Ashezi was at work and this was our fifth call of the day; I hoped that this particular call was not going to be interrupted by her work for the fifth time and proceeded to tell her about Lota’s unreasonable behaviour while staying in my house.

“Wow… she is such a bitch. How dare her help you with early morning chores and make sweet sweet breakfast for you before you get out of bed” Ashezi was being sarcastic and I didn’t appreciate it.

First of all, I didn’t mean to imply that Lota was a bitch for doing all these nice things and secondly, now that she had seen that it was making my mother not appreciate my presence in the house; it was time for her to stop but she got the hint and refused to adhere to it.

“Asari, why are you being dramatic?” “Me? Dramatic?” I tried not to get upset because Ashezi was not taking my side. To be honest, I expected her to take my side instantly. “Do you honestly think that your mother likes you less because of the things that Lota has been doing in your house?” “I didn’t say she like me less, I said that she appreciates my presence in the house less now… way less” I countered, frustrated that she was making my problem sound petty.

“Why not tell her to go home and everything will go back to normal?” I laughed “you are even less helpful than I thought you would be” I replied. How can I just tell Lota to go back home when it’s not as if I am trying to end our friendship? I am the one who told her to come to my house and stay until she was ready to go back home and stay on her own. It would be callous of me to just tell her to go back home.

“All these complaining you are doing now; by the time Lota goes back home, you will miss her very much” Ashezi concluded her make Asari mature again speech and we ended the phone call with no solution to my problem.

Since Ashezi did not give me any solution to my problem and Lota was still not taking the hint; I decided to go to google. They say that you have no looked everywhere if you did not look at google; I took my phone, went to my google app, and typed in “How to get your friend to stop doing the chores in your house” and to my surprise a lot of results came out.

One said “Tell her to stop doing them” I laughed at that one. “Another one said to do the chores yourself before she gets to them” I laughed at that one too. After scrolling through many results I came across an article that explained said that my problem was not actually with my friend but with my mom blah blah blah and that I should ask myself if I was just feeling guilt for still living with my parents at my age. What age please? Mtshw.

The last article annoyed me so much that doing the chores before Lota was able to do them started looking doable. So, that night I set my alarm to 5:00 am; I was ready, I was ready to wake up that early and do everything including breakfast. Night came and we slept.

At exactly 5:00 am my alarm clock went off… I want you to understand this very well; my alarm clock went off at exactly 5:00 am and not a minute after but when I woke up, Lota was gone. She was out of bed, up and doing the chores I didn’t want her to do. The chores I set the alarm to do before her.

I was pissed. I was very pissed; I got out of bed and stormed out, it was very early in the morning but I think I was fuming at the nose and I was breathing as if I was going to turn into a werewolf. I entered the kitchen where she was and before I even took note of what she was doing; I went all ballistic on her, telling her how she didn’t know the meaning of boundaries and that she was taking advantage of my kindness towards her.

I called her an ingrate and a manipulator for making me invite her to my house in the first place. Only God knows where all those words came from, I guess it was the anger.

Anyway, when I was done with my berating session, Lota looked at me and said “I came to drink a glass of wine, I haven’t been able to sleep that is why I wake up so early to do chores; chores are the only thing that distract me” she walked away.

At that moment, I knew that I had messed up big time; I was too busy thinking about myself and how my mother was ignoring me a little more than usual that I didn’t even stop to think about what she was going through. Hmmm, Idiots are made indeed and that morning… I was an honorary idiot.  

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