I’m Asari (Episode 35): I Wanted Abdul But Kate Showed up Instead

I know I said that no matter how in love you are with someone there is always someone better; this is true but I am beginning to realize that you may never love another person as much as you love the one who you truly love. I really don’t know if I am making sense. Yeah yeah, Abdul came to tell me on his wedding day that he couldn’t marry Kate and I sent him packing; I don’t regret it oh. No I don’t but a part of me is begging me to call him.

After my rendezvous with Tobe, which went well by the way; I came back to planet earth and that was when it dawned on me that I had finally pushed Abdul away. Like I may have just pushed him to marry another woman, which meant that I have lost him forever. Hmmm this life can be a pot of beans.

The truth is that going away with Tobe was actually very good for me; for some reason it was easy breezy. We played games, ate, drank, and played some more; for a few hours I forgot about Abdul and all his getting married to Kate mess. And the icing on the cake was when Tobe by himself, with no word from me figured that us hanging out was only a onetime thing.

“My respect for you has increased” I said to him on our way back to Abuja

“From like what level to what level?” he asked with a semi-serious smile on his face but I didn’t give him an answer to his question because I felt that he was not going to like my reply.

He dropped me at home and was on his way; he dropped me without asking when he was going to see me again or if that day meant anything and I was so glad. If Tobe started catching feelings for me again, it would have complicated my life. Even though I wanted to move on from Abdul, Tobe was the last person on earth that I wanted to start anything with.

Anyway, here I was in my room resisting myself from calling Abdul to find out if he actually went through with the wedding. I checked on all social media platforms to see if anyone posted about Abdul and Kate getting married but I didn’t see anything. I was tempted to think that it was because the wedding didn’t happen but I restrained myself from such thoughts.

After hours of fighting myself not to call Abdul, I decided to sleep. As tired as I was from my trip with Tobe, I just couldn’t sleep. Thoughts about Abdul and Kate plagued the living hell out of me.

I have never wanted to call Abdul more than I wanted to call him that night but it just didn’t make sense. What was I going to tell him? What was I going to ask him? Was I going to ask him if he went through with the wedding? And what if he did? What was I going to say next? What if Kate was right there with him?

It just didn’t make sense at all to call him but I did anyway; yup I called him. My hands were shaky as I dialled his number and just as it started to ring, my heart rate was off the charts; I could feel my heart beating in my throat. His phone rang and rang until it stopped ringing, he didn’t pick. Guess what I did next? I dialled his number again and he still didn’t pick

Just like that I felt like I was hit in my stomach with a sledge hammer; him not answering my calls only meant one thing, that he had gone through with the wedding. I fore saw the regret that was coming my way so I quickly swallowed two sleeping pills to knock me out and take me out of my misery but just as I prepped myself to sleep, my phone rang.

It was an unknown number, I answered it quickly thinking that it was Abdul calling me back but to my surprise it was Kate.

“I am sorry to disturb you like this; I am outside your house. Please can we talk?” I was too shocked to say no, so I got dressed and snuck out of my room, past the dinning into the living room. I peeped out of the window to make sure that she was really there and that I wasn’t dreaming or hallucinating but neither was the case.

Indeed it was Kate, standing in front of my house like a lost puppy seeking a way back home.

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