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A lot of people spend an awful lot of time using WhatsApp, so it’s no surprise that small bugs start to annoy them. When next you open WhatsApp, you might just notice a small line on the side of the splash screen.

Before the arrival of posh cars such as Range Rover, Hummer jeep and the rest, there have been cars that Nigerians used their hard-earned money to buy. These cars were seen frequently on the roads back in the days. Even though there are new models of these automobiles, when you look back, it’s as if they will stay on the roads forever but that’s not the case.

Technology has caused changes to our way of life; we are very dependent on technology, many we rely on it for almost all their personal needs.

Take your Google account for instance, it has a lot of information about you; your photos, contacts, emails, conversations, internet history etc

There are parts of me I only recognize in photographs Intricate feelings Little digital details only my Instagram followers see…