Waste Recycling in the Form of Revenue

Waste Recycling has turned out to be a principal source of generating revenue all around the world.

In Nigeria, for instance, several companies are solely in the business of reusing scraps to secure wealth for their companies and every other resource person associated with the process of waste gathering.

Some of the top mentions currently dominating the industry are companies like Shongai packaging industry, RecyclePoints, Verde Impacto, Metal Recycling industries Limited, Chanja Datti Co., Wecyclers, Julius Recycling Company, Envirocycles Limited.

Meanwhile, other notable companies are Ecoculture Nigeria, Qix Waste Management and Recycling Services Limited, Greenhill Recycling, Potterhouse Cleaning services, De Star Metal Industries, Mottainai Recycling Company, E-Terra Technologies Limited, Babs Removals – Waste removal – and Cleaning Services, among many other ones.

These companies discussed above are just a few mentions presently operating in Nigeria. The business has become so lucrative that a keen observation of the neighbourhood would show you waste pickers/gatherers (popularly called Babambola) commissioned by vital companies to supply trash daily.

The dirt scavengers have found means to ”double their hustle” when they go out to collect the contents in your garbage can. The idea behind this profit-making scheme is to have you believe that they are doing you a favour by evacuating your trash. Still, they are merely accumulating what would later transform into cash in the true sense of it.

Making Money from Waste Recycling

Waste Recycling

The idea behind making money first is to sell the valuable content of your trash to the scavengers. In order to bring this idea to fruition, what is demanded of you is to start by separating those recyclable materials from perishable garbages.

Get separate waste bins for the different dumps and ensure they do not mix up. Have the contact of the regular scavenger that visits your neighbourhood so that you can place a call whenever the bin is full to the brim so as to avoid environmental pollution.

While you may pay for the perishable refuse, remember that the garbage man would be the one to pay you for the non-perishable specks of dirt that you must have collected for a reasonable period. I’m talking about a sum that could generate a substantial amount of cash that will encourage you to keep the trade afloat.

So, if you intend to make money from this topic as discussed, kindly follow all the basic steps described in the article, suggesting that you can make decent money from home without going out to gather waste before earning cash.

Another form of running this business is engaging the big refuse companies cited in an earlier paragraph. This time, your attention goes beyond the regular individual who comes to pick up the dirt to involving organisations that are stakeholders in this line of work.

The challenge here is meeting up with the enormous demands from these big companies. It is advisable to hire people around your environment to gather empty cans, bottles, cartons, and every related waste to multiply your output.

An advantage of the continuous delivery on your part is that this business then becomes a reliable source of generating revenue that will cater for your everyday needs.

Many refuse recycling companies started very small. Today, it has metamorphosed into a multi-million naira industry and still growing and appreciating.

Not all Wastes Should be Wasted 

Now that you have an in-depth knowledge of how the refuse business works, it is clear that you should waste not all wastes, that it could be valuable to your income generating contributors.

To be specific, some of the wastes that can sell at a larger scale include Scrap Metals, Paper and CardBoards and Plastics, Condemned Home Appliances, to mention a few.

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