Biola Kila

Biola Kila (Episode 15): Beautiful Umar

Umar Dogara Gayesu, the only son of a Major General, the Chief of Army Staff of Nigeria; Umar, five feet tall with very clean chocolate skin colour was 24 years old. He had a very slender body and sometimes looked as if the slight blow of the wind could take him away; he looked like a quiet harmless and basically had no friends.

The first and only son of Major General Dogara Gayesu was given the freedom by his father to do as he pleased with all the resources he was given and more; Umar had access to places and things even the high and mighty didn’t have access to.

He was born ten years after the fifth daughter of his parents; it was a miracle since they had given up on the thought of ever having a son. To make up for his late highly awaited arrival Umar was spoilt rotten by his parents; while they married off his sisters as they each turned twenty one they gave him all that he desired.

If Umar ever asked for a human head though it would have not been granted but the request would have been considered. They raised Umar like King Solomon whose flesh was starved of no earthly desires rather to the poor boys detriment. One day the news of Umar killing three eighteen year old girls went round the entire Kano state like wild fire, he got them pregnant, took them for an abortion and they all died.

His parents managed to get him out of that trouble but were not prepared for the things that came next so they sent him away to Lagos state to work and learn how to be independent. It helped his independence in the sense that he learnt how to be independent in his dubious ways; and how to acquire great power even as a young man in his father’s shadow.

Chief walked majestically into his office. The new office he put together, since Biola destroyed the tower that housed his old and beloved office. The past few days for him were occupied with thoughts and plans on how to finish Biola off; make her pay for what she did and continued to do to him.

“Sir they are set for you in the board room” his secretary announced respectfully. An emergency board meeting was called and as the chairman of the board he felt minor wrath for being the last to know about a meeting he did not call for in the first place.

He decided to make them wait for an hour and when he finally showed up the meeting had already begun without him; making them wait gave them time to discuss behind him, a mistake that Chief allowed his ego make

“Glad you deemed it fit to join us” a remark of annoyance from Ebuka the main chair of the meeting.

“I would like to make this meeting short… I have a lot of things on my plate as you all know” Chief responded as he took his seat ignoring Ebuka’s words.

They were quiet for about a minute each of them passing the responsibility of the meeting to each other through eye contact until Dr James Emmanuel, a very senior member of the board spoke

“Ogene, we are fully aware of the happenings to this company obviously this is our company too” the rest of the board except chief nodded in agreement as Dr James continued “Ogene the recent bulldozing of the two new hotel buildings in Enugu was the height and it became truly obvious that someone is after this company, we called a meeting and you told us to give you time to fix things…”

“That meeting was only a week ago, are you saying I should have fixed things in just a week?” Chief interrupted

“Wait let me die before you bury me… okay …now we agreed to give you time as the CEO to fix things despite our plunging share price and the fact that you refused to explain fully to us what is really going on, now… a new problem has risen and that problem is two words… Biola Kila”.

Biola, on her way to the elevator from the MD’s office bumped into Umar “oh… hey, I have been looking for you” he looked very sober and humble certainly not like a manager in charge of anything

“Biola, I am not married… I hesitated to answer because I did not see the question coming” he was almost on his knees, Umar was desperate to have Biola and he was going to get her at all  cost “prove it then” Biola entered the elevator and he joined her “how?…how do you want me to prove it? I can tell my parents to call you and tell you” he brought out his phone

“That won’t do” the elevator opened and Biola attempted get out of it but he pulled her back and closed it “Biola, why are you doing this? Do you like hurting people for fun?” his grip was painful, Biola pulled her hand away and tried to get off the elevator but he didn’t let her.

This led to a screaming match, Umar did not care he wanted an answer, he wanted Biola to say yes to him and none of them was going anywhere until he got what he wanted

“How am I supposed to know that you don’t want to sleep with me and bolt?” Biola was clearly upset

“Tell me what to do, I will do anything to prove it” Umar’s desperation suddenly became clear to Biola and it dawned on her that his desperation was going to be an asset to her in the nearest future.

“As a matter of fact there is something I need help with” Biola’s eyes widened “okay, I am listening” Umar was confident that there was nothing he couldn’t do. “Will you get me a gun and teach me how to use it?” Biola asked, Umar was surprised but did not ask her why, afraid that questions might drive her away; he agreed and told her he would get back to her the next day.

The next day couldn’t have arrived any slower for Umar as he was very excited to show Biola what he had in store for her, after work that day he took her to a shooting range where a weapons expert gave her her first shooting lesson.

It was exciting for Biola she couldn’t believe the amount of adrenaline that flowed through her every time she heard the sound of a blasting gun.

“I thought you were going to give me the gun today” Biola asked Umar as they sat on a table outside an ice cream bar “I want you to learn how to shoot first so that you won’t injure yourself when I give it to you” he had very cute eyes, although he wasn’t the type to be described as handsome; his sweetness sufficed.

They sat there enjoying a nice conversation, Biola eventually told him that she needed a gun to protect herself; she also told him everything that happened between her and Chief and how she planned to destroy him starting with his billion naira corporation. She was neither shy nor afraid of being judged or reported by Umar for her plans; she told him her plans in order to gain his help and he offered it before she asked for it.

Umar was ready to do anything to win Biola and he knew that for a girl like her; money, gifts and praises were insignificant to her so he chose to give her revenge “all you need to do is give me detailed instructions and I will execute with absolute precision” he dropped her off at home and from then on they became partners.

Biola plotted and planned while Umar executed, it was great wonder how Umar had access to such amount of ammunition and people to do as he asked but she couldn’t ask him because he made her promise never to.

“Let’s finish what we started” Biola thought to herself, she was on the bench by the beach thinking of how her next move with Chief was going to play out; thoughts of revenge were the only thing that consumed her. She was now in a relationship with Umar via duress and she refused to regret bringing him in, this she saw as an opportunity to fire on.

The girlfriend of the unquestionable unrepentant and dangerous son of the Chief of Army Staff of Nigeria, if Chief Ogene Omorighe was not scared of her before now was the time for him to piss in his pants.

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