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Twitter Users Salutes Beautiful Nubia

Nigerian-born songwriter, music composer and bandleader, Segun Akinlolu, popularly known as Beautiful Nubia has received accolades from many Twitter users who described him as a singer that knows his onions.

In a trend involving the singer on the popular social media platform, many people considered him a legend who deserves commendation for his skills and lyrics.

A Twitter user @LordRotim said “I can hardly contain the joy in me right now because for the first time in a very long time, people get to appreciate the beauty of Beautiful Nubia’s art on this street. 

@lanre_aliyu said “No beautiful Nubia slander will be allowed here, please. Beautiful Nubia is spiritual. He takes life so simple and easy. He loves music, not fame. People who listen to his music are either Activist or Professors. Please let’ us behave, oh what a feeling… 

Twitter Users Salutes Beautiful Nubia

Twitter Users Salutes Beautiful Nubia
Beautiful Nubia

@BiyiThePlug said, “Apparently Beautiful Nubia is the only Nigerian artiste with the highest number of albums. He has 19 records!!!

@IamNobleTee1 said, “17 Studio Albums 3 Acoustic Albums 1 Instrumental 5 Live Recordings 3 Poetry CDs, @Beautiful_Nubia thanks for the inspiration and good music always.

@Niyi_Olaolu, “Deep sound is not about wearing G-string. “Beautiful Nubia’s songs are built on rich folkloric traditions and native wisdom, but his message is universal in thrust and theme: value life, respect nature and learn to live in peace with others.

@unique_lad, “No much words. Beautiful Nubia is an embodiment of wisdom; he accurately expresses the societal problems, love affairs, strategies for development and expected way of life with poetry. His artistic style promotes indigenous concepts.

@Beautiful_Nubia is GOAT

@Mosebolton, “Beautiful Nubia makes music for the soul. You don’t just dance to music, you listen to the lyrics and digest the message therein. A great storyteller. A social critique A good footballer too A legend.”

Twitter Users Salutes Beautiful Nubia 2
Beautiful Nubia

The singer has seventeen Album to his name; these are the records, Àpèjǫ (2019), Atunluto (2018), Amunudun (2018), Iwa (2016), Taabaku (2016), Odds and Ends (2016), Soundbender (2015), Keere (2014) and Oriojori-Eternal Spirits released in 2012.

Others are Sun No Dey Sleep (2011), Irinajo (2009), KilòKilò (2007), Fèrè (2006), Awilele (2004), Jangbalajùgbú (2002), Voice From Heaven (1999) and Seven Lifes (1997).

He also has about three acoustic albums and many live recordings to his name.

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