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Burna Boy Reveals Reason ‘Cannabis’ is Illegal in Nigeria

In a recent interview, Nigerian singer Burna Boy disclosed why he believes cannabis is not legalised in Nigeria.

Why revealing the reason, he affirmed that everyone in Nigeria smokes, but they pretend not to. He added that “It’s not a zero-tolerance.” and everyone smokes but do not want to be heard or seen talking about it.

Still speaking on it, he stated that it is hypocritical, and people try to make it seems like weed smokers in Nigeria would go mad. He further said that no one in Nigeria wants to talk about it or advocate for legalization.

When the presenter asked if people got arrested in Nigeria for smoking the illicit substance, his response was, “If you can please the person that is stopping you at a time.”

He noted that weed is legal in Los Angeles and that aside, the best ones are found there, which makes it one reason he likes visiting the state.

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