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Rosie Reveals What Happened With Kachi Behind Closed Doors

In an extensive video, Rosie reveals what happened with Kachi leading to her miscarriage

Weeks ago, the winners of the just concluded ultimate love season broke off their engagement and relationship.

Following this breakup announcement, Kachi released a tell-all interview alleging that his former fiancee aborted their pregnancy without his knowledge because she wanted to focus on her career and brand.

This caused a huge stir on the internet as fans dragged Rosie for filth calling her all sorts and raining abuses. For a while all Rosie did was drop a sub video. However, recently, she shared her own part of the story. Rosie reveals what happened with Kachi during their stay in her family house in Kaduna in a lengthy youtube video.

According to Rosie, the reason for making her video was to say that she is not a murderer and would never intentionally abort a baby.

This was not all she revealed though. She shed light on how Kachi was acting towards her especially when she mentioned the pregnancy. Contrary to what Kachi said, Rosie shared that he wasn’t the least excited about the baby.

Rosie Reveals What Happened With Kachi Behind Closed Doors
Rosie Reveals What Happened With Kachi Behind Closed Doors

Further, into her video, she mentioned that on one occasion, Kachi got physical with her while in Kaduna. This was when she had told him about the pregnancy, and one day while she locked the door to talk to him, he pushed her hand against the drawers, three times. In her exact words,

“I went into the guest room to drop the pillows that I slept on came back to the room. Later Kachi came to the room and I saw him dressing up so I stood up, I went to lock the door because I don’t know where he is going to, I don’t know where he knows in Kaduna so I locked the door and because I wanted to talk to him. “

“He turned, he realised the door was locked, he told me to open the door I refused and then we started struggling, he was trying to get the key out of me, I held the key very tight. I was pregnant of course during that time, of course, I had already told him. Kachi took my hand and hit my hand three times beside the dressing table and I screamed. “

“When I screamed, my brother came with Jeremy and they were banging the door. My hand started trembling, you can see the scar from the hit. My hands started trembling, I held my lower tummy and I couldn’t open the door so I threw the key under the door and said ‘please open the door’ but they couldn’t open the door so my brother ran outside to get help and someone came and broke the door open”

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