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Banky W Laments Recent Killings in the World

The world has battled coronavirus pandemic this year but the recent killings in the United States and Nigeria has made Nigeria singer, Banky W to share his pains.

In a time where we have been trying to unite to fight the deadly coronavirus pandemic, some men still find it easy to commit murder through racism and tribalism in the United States and Nigeria respectively.

The news during the midweek is the case of a police officer in Minnesota, the United States of America who killed a black man, George Floyd for not yielding to arrest. It was a case of injustice as the American community protested racism shown by the cop.

Banky W Laments Recent Killings In The World
Americans took to the street to protest the killing of George Floyd by a white cop in Minnesota.

Another bad news coming from Nigeria is the massacre of people in Southern Kaduna, Kaduna State. This is not the first time it will be happening in this part of the world as people kill themselves as a result of tribalism. According to reports, between May 19 to 24, Fulani herdsmen have killed five, injured 78, destroyed 607 houses and rustled 231 cows.

The security of lives and properties should be a main priority for every government but it is painful thing that nothing has been done and these cases continued to be a reoccurring process.

This happenings has made the multi-talented Bankole Wellington aka Banky W to share his pains. The actor and film director who shared palliatives to the poor during the lockdown was sad just like every other right thinking persons.

Banky W Laments Killings

Banky W
Banky W

In his tweet @BankyW, the aspiring politician said ”This world is exhausting. In America, it’s racism- white cops killing unarmed black people. In Nigeria, where we share the same skin colour, it’s tribalism & genocide. Every other week there’s another story of mass murder; Kaduna today, Jos tomorrow. So much hatred. I am tired

We have to love and not hate our fellow beings. The message should always be love and not hate no matter the differences between us. Be it skin color difference, languages, and so on.

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