Sound blazes from the loudspeaker sitting in front of the barbershop. ‘Obodo-ro-bodo,’ another commercial song for the public to enjoy echoed throughout the street. ‘Lady-D Barbershop’ banner hung on the roof of a small building. ‘Lady D barbershop or saloon,’ I wondered. My mustache was itching so I decided to have a shave. If I’ve missed Lagos in the last seven days, then Uncle Kay barbing saloon would be part of my reasons. Bros would use Pythagoras theorem with his clipper on your head. He just has the Midas touch when it comes to barbing. Well, I’m not having a full cut, so Lady D’s shop, in the metropolitan city of Yenagoa, was my next port of call.

I was at the glass door when I saw men sitting as if they were in an embassy. I knew I was not at the wrong place when I saw a lady holding a clipper. I pulled the door according to the information on it. The breeze from a giant ox-fan raised my cotton shirt and displayed my Tommy Hilfiger pants. ‘’Welcome sir, you can have your sit next to the last customer.’’ I was still struggling with my top when I heard the lady welcome me. She wore a T-shirt on a blue denim bum short with blue sneakers to match.  Still surprised, I saw six men waiting for their turn. ‘She must be a very good barber,’ I reasoned.

The music was on the low indoors. ‘A female as a barber with a lot of customers, I must wait for my turn’. I was there, still observing, when the man sitting beside me received a call. ‘Dear, I went to have a cut at the barbershop.’ The lady on the other side of the call said ‘How many times will you have a haircut in a week?’ Still on my observation, I quickly looked at his head, everything was well shaved. ‘Maybe he wants to shave under,’ I thought.

’I guess you are fine now’’ the barber said to the man on the barber’s chair. ‘’Yeahh…but help rub powder on my face’’ he replied. ‘’Hey! Man get out of that sit now. You’ve been there for the past forty five minutes, what’s in that your tiny head? Don’t you have a wife at home? I have been watching you since as you’ve been fanning your hands like peacock just to touch Dinah’s butt. Is it not the same two thousand naira we are all paying that you are acting as the general manager here?’ the angry customer hasn’t landed when I faked a call. ‘Two thousand naira for haircut? I’m not doing again. This is purely feminine power o,’ I said to myself as I approached the door. The heat of words grew as I walked out.

See what happens next time here guys. Have a wonderful day!

Which of the following mental illnesses is on the rise in Nigeria?