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One thing is glaring for identification; a bird tattoo.

Love was present at the breaking of the day in a very cold morning and there was this call for a fight for love.

Days have passed and I couldn’t reach Funke still. I tried searching for her on Facebook. I’ve tried her name on the social media platform using different prefixes and suffixes such as Funke Williams, Olufunke Williams, to Williams Oluwafunke but couldn’t get a good result. Perhaps she must have used names such as ‘Cocoberry Shantel’; who knows because I don’t believe she’ll be missing on this app. I was very disturbed just to relate my side of the story of the occurrence at the restaurant.

Aguba was inconsolable. He woke up sobbing but his wife did not move a muscle even though she was awake. It was becoming a usual occurrence for Aguba to wake up at times like this and she was already getting tired of asking. Some nights he wakes up happy, some other nights, he cries out in pain.

Amadi looked her and smiled. Indeed, God was in support of his next move. After the dibia had told him of the nature of the sacrifice required to bring him out of his predicament, he had asked God for a sign. He knew it was wrong by all standards to kill an infant, but he was at his wits end. So he prayed and God, seemingly, heard.

Our conversations thereafter were about having a date together. We then fixed a date and venue. The night before the day we were to meet, I had dreamt about starting a beautiful home with Funke.

So he took her hand, turned her to himself and reiterated, “I would never do anything to hurt you, Aisha. I’d rather die”. She smiled and kissed him. She didn’t want promises; all the men she had met never kept any. She loved him and she was grateful he felt the same way. “If you die, I die”, she thought, but she didn’t say anything.

“Do you have anyone to call back home… family or friend?” Mary said to Biola from across the sitting room. Biola looked up at her for a few seconds and shook her head then went back to fondling with the small bottle Madame Deloris gave to her

So, does that mean that I am the problem? I didn’t ask those guys to want me but they did and literally did not want to leave me alone. Every time I thought it was over, one of them would show up again with drama.

The debtor walked in and it was the town’s brute. Head of the agberos and king of ‘boys’, Capone was the devil in flesh. Ochanya could not imagine being the wife of the man who had ruined the lives of most girls in the community, but she had no choice.

I chose Duo as our meeting place because I hadn’t been there in a while plus I missed their shrimp. Max was already there before I arrived; it was nice seeing him again after all that drama but the gods of drama were not done with me yet because Tobe walked in. When I saw him, I thought that he was going to walk past us but he walked straight to our table; his eyes on Max. Max noticed Tobe looking at him as he was going to kill him so he asked “can I help you?” and Tobe was like “yes you can, you can tell me what you are doing with my girlfriend”.

As naked as a newborn, she was lying flat on the sofa with her legs flung widely apart like the surreal gate of hell—the one he heard his pastor preach about the previous week—the one that all sinners will enter through. He was too confused. It’s been a while he had it. The last time was four years ago, and it was with Sandra, his last university girlfriend. He loved her deeply but she broke his heart. It happened just as he was about to leave Lagos for the northern city of Kano to answer the clarion call of the voluntary National Youth Service Corps. She went on to marry a man, fifteen years older than her.

The creek had mangrove swamps vegetation either side of the water with a very small hut afar. A bad thought then came to my mind. What if they have all planned to kidnap me, a serving corps member, government property. As soon as we got out of the creek, I was relieved. I quickly checked my stopwatch; it read 5:53 pm.

People say that when you have a good number of suitors, it makes you feel attractive. I get a lot of attention from men and sometimes women and at the moment I have three guys fighting for my attention but I do not feel attractive, or confidence. Do you want to know what I feel? Confusion and lack of confidence, I am starting to realize that I feel the most sexy or attractive when I am confident in the decisions that I make; which is not the case at the moment.

“This is it” I thought “He is going to come over to my table and say hi” But he didn’t. He turned his face away without waving or nodding or even recognizing that I am someone that deserves to be greeted.

The book has its television series being developed by Showtime. The President is Missing is a book to read especially with the former White House Landlord Bill Clinton on this one as well as the veteran James Patterson.

Gone Girl is about a couple Nick and Amy. The first part of the novel centers on their marriage. They both lived in New York City where Nick is a journalist and Amy a writer. They eventually lose their jobs and have to relocate to Nick’s hometown in North Carthage, Missouri to help take care of Nick’s mother who developed cancer while his father suffers from Alheizmer’s disease.

The Bookshop is a novel written by British author Penelope Fitzgerald. It was published by Gerald Duckworth in 1978. The…