Sanusi: Amalgam of Sadness and Happiness!

Today, I am sad and happy at the same time! I am sad because the one I personally love and admire is sad because he was dethroned. I am happy because I have an unshakable conviction that the sage and philosopher in person of Malam Sanusi Lamido is freed from palatial chains and can now freely pursue what he truly believes in; he can strongly continue advocating for the progressive transformation of our country and our region in particular.

A kind of this mixture of happiness and sadness also occurred to me when Malam Sanusi Lamido got appointed as the Emir of Kano in 2014. My happiness was occasioned by the fact that my hero has realized his lifetime ambition of becoming the Emir of Kano. My sadness was borne out of the fact that a patriotic Nigerian might be muzzled and gagged.

The bandages put upon him as Emir has really limited the exercise of his God-given intellectual prowess, extensive wisdom, and unmatched knowledge.

What happened to my personal person today is nothing but a temporary setback which all great men on earth must encounter in one way or the other prior to ultimate realization of their set goal. Malam Sanusi will certainly overcome this debacle and emerge stronger.

Malam Sanusi is a precious asset not only to Nigerians but to international communities and unborn generations.

For those that are elated for this terrible incident, be rest assured that the happiness is short and ephemeral. For those that share similar grief with us, be confident that light must triumph over darkness in the end.

It is a standard practice that the corrupt can never like the incorruptible and the bad can never like the good the way the devil cannot like the righteous person!

Whether Sanusi is on throne or not, retrograde cultures and practices must go extinct as long as we are alive and healthy.

Pure civilization must come and stay whether the rustic conservatives like it or not! Sanusi has started it and other like-minds will surely take over from him willy-nilly.

I am fervently prayerful that Malam Sanusi Lamido Sanusi will get over this tough time and vanquish our national enemies who hide behind the clogs of culture and religion to continue causing retrogression to our country and our region in particular.

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