Coronavirus: Nothing Matters After All


Coronavirus has succeeded in painting the shy with fears, the sky over the nations of the world have changed to red, with each redder than the other.

The years 2020 started with a lot of hopes, aspirations and excitements; it is the beginning of a new decade after all. The Coronavirus did not allow itself to be left in the rickety and old 2019 but ran with us all into a brand new already famous 2020.

Coronavirus Is Real
Coronavirus is Real

The year started, and then Coronavirus started as a strange and novel virus to a pandemic. The reality was forced down our throat without any choice presented to us, and we did not know that in 2020 nothing will matter after all.

For Nigerians and most people in Africa, Coronavirus was a piece of foreign news that later became a national, regional, state, community and finally a household item. At this point, we could really begin to decern that truly nothing really matters.

We had our lives intact, our new year resolutions still have their crumbs left on our heart, but we did not know we will soon have them on our pads yet will not be seen.

Early in the year, we ran as fast as we could, with the mind of making it early so that we can have something to brag about as the year runs out. But now Coronavirus rudely interrupted and told us nothing matters after all.

We were told to stop greeting ourselves, no more curdling, no rubbing of shoulders, we can’t talk at close range, that is before contracting the virus. So when the virus is contracted, we are separated from our loved ones, and a permanent separation is initiated body and soul. You see that nothing really matters after all.


At this time, our well-tailored fabrics are resting in the closet, the designer shoes and bags have no outing to attend, the make-up kit is made up of dust. The luxurious cars are still on their wheels. The air crafts are resting on their hangers; there is no place to go; all are on lockdown.


Having all of these grounded is a confirmation that nothing truly matters after all. All achievements have their mouths shut.

Air Crafts Grounded
Air Crafts Grounded

The mansions now can be seen by their owners alone; no one can come around to appreciate it. So why worry about possessing them, when a time like this will come with no appreciation from anyone.

As the clock ticks and we count to the end of Coronavirus pandemic, let also develop and install an app that will effectively remind us that in this world, Nothing Matter after all.

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