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Love was present at the breaking of the day in a very cold morning and there was this call for a fight for love.

Now that Ebun has been locked up too, who knows what will happen to him? Who knows if he was really involved in the murder of the pregnant mother or his father’s record in the police station has to be broken? Well, that’s a case to watch out for.

Our conversations thereafter were about having a date together. We then fixed a date and venue. The night before the day we were to meet, I had dreamt about starting a beautiful home with Funke.

The next time he walked into the area, he came in with three scary-looking boys. Ugwu was ready to take out his obstacle and its carrier. He wasn’t going to allow anything to get in the way of his admission; the first one after writing JAMB for eight years.

The creek had mangrove swamps vegetation either side of the water with a very small hut afar. A bad thought then came to my mind. What if they have all planned to kidnap me, a serving corps member, government property. As soon as we got out of the creek, I was relieved. I quickly checked my stopwatch; it read 5:53 pm.

It was therefore a heartbreak when father received a call from one of the villagers that our farm has been ruined by herdsmen and their cattle. The herdsmen fed on some while their cattle threaded on the rest.

We were at the bar last night to ease off the day’s hectic activities. We couldn’t just wait for the TGIF, so a five-man-team surrounded the circular table, all set to consume ale as usual.

Sound blazes from the loudspeaker sitting in front of the barbershop. ‘Obodo-ro-bodo,’ another commercial song for the public to enjoy…

“Trusting in God, we have prayed together for Geraldine Udo and now we come to the last farewell. There is…

Felix’s perfect proposal is almost ruined as his family and anna’s family colide on his speacial day. Fortunately its saved by a quick and emotional speech.