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The Tattoo Girl

The pool water rippled continuously as the guys tested their swimming skills. This particular pool in a five-star hotel is a place to be for the guys every weekend. Nelson was deep inside the pool of water when he saw an irregular image; the figure eight looked shaky but at least, he was freaked by the beautiful image.

The young man couldn’t believe his eyes and quickly jumped out of the water. What could have made Nelson changed gear? The other guys wondered. The image he saw in the water vanished but all he could see is the back and beautiful curve out of figure-eight he saw. One thing is glaring for identification; a bird tattoo.

’I have never seen such a beautiful lady in my life. Her smile makes the water ripple but I could see her he shapes clearly. I couldn’t pick her face but she had a very beautiful bird tattoo in her back’

’she must be very beautiful and attractive to get your attention’’ Thompson replied as he cleaned his wet body with a towel by the pool side. ‘’Hey! It’s time to move’’ the guys said to their friend who was still diving in the pool as a dolphin. ‘’Don’t tell me the figure you saw ends our day’’ Julius said as he got to the pool side.

The Tattoo Girl 1
The Tattoo Girl 3

The guys were on their way home when they saw some people wailing on the road. An ambulance siren blew on the highway and sped to the scene of a fatal accident that got the attention of the people. The victim was stretchered into the ambulance when the guys drove by. ‘’ Hey! there’s a bird tattoo at the back of the light-skinned lady taken into that ambulance’’ Thompson who sat at the rear of the four-wheeled drive screamed.

’Did she have a curve for figure eight?’’ Nelson inquired ‘’How am I supposed to know in that flash’’ Thompson replied. ‘’If she had a bird tattoo, then she’s likely to be the lady Nelson saw in the water’’ Julius said as he handled the steering.

’We have to follow the ambulance please. I need to see that lady I saw in water again, she shouldn’t be the accident victim’’’Julius, you have to turn back, my heart pants for the lady moved into the ambulance’’

Julius made a U-turn then followed the ambulance carrying the tattoo lady. The ambulance sped off the road in an emergency situation while Julius followed as if it was a motor racing. He adjusted his side mirror for a better rear view only to see a lady with a bird tattoo alighting from a public transport. She was light-skinned and also wore a spaghetti top.

’Yes, that’s the same thing we saw_ yes bird tattoo, her color is light skinned because I saw her like a sunshine in the pool and I couldn’t have seen her arm clearly when she disappeared if she wasn’t on a spaghetti top’’ Nelson said. ‘’your description matches that of the lady taken into the ambulance’’ Thompson said.

At this point, the guys were confused. None of them saw the tattoo lady at once so that really baffled them. It’s also a surprise that none of them saw her face. ‘’No turning back, we just have to follow the ambulance and get our fact quickly from the easiest route now’’ Nelson said.

’I can’t see the ambulance again’’ Julius said as he increased his speed. ‘’I know the end of this road so you just have to follow it. I know there’s a clinic before the end of it’’ Thompson said.

While on this fast lane and speed, the vehicle changed its swagger and Julius tried to control it from going down a valley ahead but all effort abortive as it veered off the tarred road. The vehicle somersaulted three times. The three friends ended their life journey on that spot with three ravens the first set of sympathizers at the scene.

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