Coding – The Power of Technology

Technology has caused tremendous changes to our way of life; our lives are very dependent on technology, so much so that we rely on it for almost all of our personal needs.

We rely on technology for things such as communication, trade, business, banking, etc. Companies like Google, Uber, Facebook, and Jumia, have come up with very innovative ways to make human existence easy. 

From the comfort of your home, you can buy items online and have them delivered to your doorstep; you don’t even need to leave your home to stand by the road, under the scorching sun or rain to board a taxi, all that can be done at the push some buttons on your cell phone. 

What is Coding?

Coding is what powers a vast majority of the technology that we see in the world today. Simply put, it can be defined as giving instructions or commands to a computer or a robot in a language it can understand.

A Laptop With Lines Of Code Of Technology And Medicated Glasses

One quote comes to mind whenever I think of coding, it says; “We must not all be professional writers but we must all learn to write in order to communicate”.

The same goes for coding, we must not all be professional programmers but we must all learn to code in order to communicate, especially in this 21st Century. 

You can learn to code so that you can be able to build websites, mobile phone applications, games, animations e.t.c. or just so that you can be able to communicate fluently with a professional programmer, telling him or her what you want them to do for you.


As a result of the global advancement in technology, a vast majority of the jobs that we do today will become obsolete. On that note, the younger generation needs to get ready for this new wave.

After all, said and done, don’t become archaic, be flexible and task your self to learn new skills that can help you become relevant in this new era.

Motivate yourself and empower young people around you by teaching them important technological concepts and learning 21st Century skills such as Mobile App Development, Website Design, Animation, Motion graphics and lots more, to help them prepare for this paradigm shift.

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