MindTalk Eps 2; The beauty of Thoughtfulness

You guys can tell I’m excited. Monday is a public holiday. The new day for Democracy day is now June 12.

Hello beautiful people, Welcome to MindTalks with Imma on EveryeveryNG. I’m your host and my name is Imma. T… T… TGIF!!! Thank God It’s Friday!

You guys can tell I’m excited. Monday is a public holiday. The new day for Democracy day is now June 12. So, since it fell on Saturday, an official day to mark it has been set for Monday. Wawu! So, it’s going to be a long weekend and people will turn up to work on Tuesday looking like drunks and tired, and asking if they really need to keep the job.

Today is 11th June 2021 and on today’s episode we’re going to be talking about ‘thoughtfulness’.

The first reactions to thoughtful gestures are always along the lines of: ‘Oh my God! so you remembered. Oh my God! So you had that in mind! Oh my God! So, you didn’t forget!’. This is because thoughtful gestures are little things that matter to just you and someone takes note of them. Thoughtfulness is about more than being nice. You can be nice without much reflection or consideration. My friend said being thoughtful is about thinking situations through and choosing to react in a purposeful and loving way.

I had a poll across my social media platforms, asking some questions about thoughtfulness. I asked “What do you define as thoughtfulness? What does a person do to convince you that they are thoughtful? Are you a thoughtful person? Is thoughtfulness really difficult or is it a big deal? Is it necessary to be thoughtful?”

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Yeah, we are back. I’ll be reading out some responses to the questions I had just earlier mentioned and one common thing with the responses is the fact that ‘it is a properly thought out gesture’. Here are some of the responses.

C said, “The only thing I can think of now is when my husband goes out of his way to do things that would have stressed me further at home before I come back from work. That is the only thoughtfulness that I have in my head”.

J said, “Thoughtfulness is about being able to think through situations considering other people’s needs and reasons behind their actions.” She also went further to say that she thinks being thoughtful is good but it should have limits. I asked her what having limits meant; she said because it’s very easy to take thoughtful people for granted thinking that they want something in return for their gesture.

N who exactly shares the same thought with me shared something. But then first let me share what F said about thoughtfulness being intentional in a positive way. 

Continuing with what N said. N said “I can’t really define it but to me it’s basically caring enough how things affect someone. It’s also remembering little things about someone.”

Personally, it is in seemingly little things. For example, I mentioned to a friend that there’s a scholarship I wanted to apply for. The next time we spoke, he asked how far with the application and I was pleasantly surprised because I only mentioned it casually.

Another example was some time ago when there was crisis in Jos, I called a friend to know if he and his folks were okay and he was happy about that. Apparently, I was the only one of our mutual friends that checked on him. He wasn’t even sure others knew he was in Jos.

Then she answered the third question (Are you a thoughtful person). She said “I like to think I’m thoughtful to people I care about.” -Is it really a big deal? She said, “Yes, thoughtfulness can be difficult because you need to be emotionally invested enough in people to really express it. 

The way I see it, thoughtfulness is how you express kindness and care. And let’s be frank; our world is becoming more fast paced day by day and we all have our own issues. So thoughtfulness is what you have to consciously effort to do.” And she said, “Of course, the opposite of thoughtfulness is thoughtlessness and also known as being jackass.”

The selected responses are like mere highlights, others were giving more of their personal experiences.

I don’t want this episode to last too long. So… thoughtfulness is exactly what we preach on this show when we say in a world where you can be anything, please be kind. So I’m saying that again to you *In a world where you can be anything, please be kind *

Until next time stay safe

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