Short Story: Sakamanje

We were at the bar last night to ease off the day’s hectic activities. We couldn’t just wait for the TGIF, so a five-man-team surrounded the circular table, all set to consume ale as usual.

“Mr, so you never reach home with this your tie and cufflinks that are still on point“, Azaman said. “I just have to do this now before I retire home,’’ Belly replied.

As the only married guy in the five-man-gang, he is seen as the most responsible here. “Marriage! Maybe in my next world. But now, I’m okay with my daughter“.

“She is my life’’ Debolee jumped in. “Why won’t you get married?’’ Belly inquired. He was our marriage counsellor.

‘’Is it not the same marriage that a wife threatened to stab the man she dated for eight years before saying I do? Bro, forget. Marriage is a scam,’’ Debolee replied.

‘’The day my girlfriend, not to talk of my wife, ever try to throw a pencil at me, that will be the end of everything,’’ Sugar boy added to the discussion.

Belly couldn’t sip the beer this time, he realized we have all turn deaf ears to his bits of advice since ages past. With a straight face, he said ‘’Guys, you have to man up.

Get married and take charge of your home. A sergeant has no voice when there’s a commandant in the camp’’. This was a bombshell from our guy, wrong strategy this time around.

He had just ordered for another round of bottles for everyone when his phone rang. ‘’If you like, don’t get home in the next ten minutes, you’ll sleep on the doormat again’’ “Hehe-lo, h-e-ll-o, can’t hear you, I’ll call you back’’ Belly replied his wife on call as he picked his briefcase on the run. 

We all laughed as our counsellor’s wife commanded and he obeyed immediately. ‘’Belly, who will foot the bills? ‘’ I asked as he fled the place.