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Marriage is a sacred institution that serves as the foundation for building families and societies. However, in recent years, Nigeria has witnessed a concerning increase in failed marriages and divorce cases. This article aims to shed light on the underlying factors contributing to this phenomenon, focusing on the unique cultural, social, and economic aspects of Nigerian society.

Many have been lamenting the downsides of the naira note scarcity. Although the outcry is understandable, this set of people should be grateful for this government initiative.

February 14th, is a day of love; however, there are all sorts of people that you will encounter on that glorious day. These are the people you are most likely going to see on valentine’s day.

Is Side Chicking Really the New Cool or Just Business? Everywhere you turn these days, there is always one story or another of a marriage/relationship that has been plagued with a side chick; one can even say they are the third part of most relationships in this time.