Who Gets The Good Guy, Good Girl Or Bad Girl?

The Good Guy

Let us talk about the Good guy, the good girl and the bad girl. Have you been in a situation where you found out in the middle of a relationship that you’ve been the ‘Side Chic’ all along, and there is the main lady?

Then the main chic appears later, throwing tantrums, calling you all sorts of names, like ‘slut, bad girl, boyfriend snatcher’ and all of that, whereas, this dude in question was messing with your mind and didn’t tell you there was the main chic behind the scene.

Well, does that really spells you out a bad girl?
Let’s get this straight, who really gets the good guy?

First off, who is considered a bad girl?

She is a girl who has very loosed morals or no morals at all. She is the kind of girl who jumps from one man to another, she knows how to use her sexuality to attract a man.

Men seem to want her as soon as they meet her; bad girls are very social people, they might not even be pretty as you are, but men are always all over them.

They wear the right clothes to seduce any mortal man, they connect well in social settings… Haven’t you seen ladies who aren’t half as pretty as you, yet men find them irresistible?

I stand to be corrected, even the so-called ‘Spiritual brothers’ could fall for these bad girls because men have emotional needs. Well, he wants a ‘Spiritual lady’ too, but trust me, it is that lady who can connect with him that would end up winning his heart!

On the other hand, it is no secret that many women are attracted to bad guys too! What’s with these bad guys, bad girls syndrome?

Anyways, call these men (bad guys), ‘Macho men, men with swag, handsome’, sometimes though, not in all cases; such guys would know how to dress to impress anyone, have the right words to woo fine girls.

Above all, he would have the ‘Cheda’ (cash). Then he could be ready to get started. But these guys can so mess up with a lady’s heart. It works like this:

They’d start by flashing their cars around the neighbourhood, not all though; I mean not all have cars, then they would accompany that with a few cash, depending on the girl they see, that is, who they like. Sweet words will follow, then care, affection, then …! After which, they’re ready to check the lady next door, leaving their victim heartbroken.

In all of these, how can the good girl compete, I mean compete successfully. Who gets the good guy? Strike a balance between the two of course. No human is perfect, and there are no exact standards that define a good woman.

Despite her imperfections, one might not recognize that she is the right lady, because she is not easily noticed.
However, you’d see some subtle signs that would tell you she is a good girl:

  • Being a ‘good girl’ could mean that you don’t go to parties, it means you aren’t too loud, or opinionated.
  • It means you don’t sleep around, and all of those nice stuff.

Okay, back to the bad girls. There are some things bad girls do which could be perceived unnecessary by the good girls.

-They are adventurous. They’re willing to try out something new, even if that’s all it takes to get him.

I’m talking about hitting the gym to get that irresistible sexy shape, using waist trainers, cooking exotic meals, and having him come over to the house, engaging in dance classes, then showing off her dance moves, and suggesting new sex positions.

Bad girls are not afraid to display their fearless sides, by planning active dates… I could just go on and on, but one thing is imperative, the good girl could try emulating some of these skills, please, no one will arrest or sue you for that, I haven’t seen any case like that, have you?

When you say bad, how bad is bad? Anyway, there are some good things you can “steal”, or if you like “borrow” from the bad girl. Dare to be Confident: Confidence is beauty in the light. A confident lady is attractive, fun to be with, seductive, smart and all.

A bad girl doesn’t ask if she looks good, she knows she looks good. Her confidence is inviting from a distance. I can’t over emphasis this, take a cue from her and explore your ideas!

A Lady'S Closet
A Lady’s Closet

Invest in your wardrobe. These loosed or bad girls do not joke with their dressing. They spend time, surfing the internet to find out what’s trending in fashion, they don’t necessarily go with the trend but spend quality time creating something from what they have seen; they have the right clothes for the right occasion, these girls know how to play with colours, they are not oblivious of the appropriate shoes to go with clothes.

You might not need to have so much, especially when you can’t afford that now. Expensive clothes are not also the most beautify, just ensure you know your size, soothing colours and perfect combinations.

They leave their men full of expectation, not knowing what ‘Beyoncé’ has in store next. Bad girls are glamorous, she doesn’t wait, she initiates, sees what she wants and goes for it. They tell the men what they want to be done and love them enough to motivate until they meet their requests.

So good girls too can identify or imbibe some or all of these tips and the good guy would just be yours!

Think of the right things to do so that you can get your “good guy” and stop wondering why the “bad girls are getting the “good guys.”

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