After All Said and Done, My Baby Is The Judge

My Baby, The Judge

My baby is the judge here, wait a minute, how on earth did that happen? Well, it’s no longer news that unanticipated and incredulous things are happening these days. God is so wonderful! Could I have ever believed that my baby would stand as a judge today? Absolutely not.

If you’d ask me, I think that should go into the ‘ Guiness Book of Records’, because it’s something! Yes, it’s news!!

Before my baby was born, I’d been three years in marriage without a child. The thought of being childless made me weep day and night. I wondered what went wrong. My husband and I visited several hospitals and religious places, to no avail, and as a typical African woman, I started wondering who I offended, or “Are my village people following me?”

That period for me was awful, as sleep eluded me, I would soak my pillow every night with my tears and wondered if at all I would have a child in my lifetime. 

My friends and neighbours who were married were giving birth and I would be invited for countless naming ceremonies. What about in the church, I would hear the pastor announce every Sunday that God had blessed the family of brother and sister so, so, so, with a bouncing baby boy or girl. It was just every Sunday! Yea, I was taking records.

“Poor me,” I thought … but I haven’t been half as loosed as some girls during my youths, I’ve had no abortions … then what was amiss? I was really assailed by those thoughts. My husband would keep encouraging and cheering me up.

My Baby
My Baby

Whenever he was not at work, he would take me out to recreation centres … and all nice places. I would only forget my sorrows when I was out, but when I returned, I’d go back to thinking. Year after year, I kept praying and expecting.

One fateful day, I ran into an old friend who I knew in my university days, actually not from the same university, but from a lesson I attended when I was trying to gain admission into school. Her name was Anita.

She invited me over to her place where she lived alone. We would always hang out when we weren’t busy. She was single and searching. Anita had had her fare share of ordeals, when it came to relationships.

On the other hand, I told her that I was married and waiting, and I was going nuts already, because my husband’s family weren’t finding it funny at all, I was on a hot seat, and I told her all I’d experienced.

My story really touched my friend’s heart and she promised that she’d see what she would do about it. I was ready to do anything to save our marriage. I wasn’t going to be a laughing stock.

I would wait, week after week, Anita wasn’t taking actions as regards what she promised.One day, she introduced me to a certain man whom I became close to. I mean very close. He kept me company whenever my husband was not available, which was not right.

After some weeks, my family doctor told me that I was pregnant, when I visited the hospital. My family, in-laws and friends were excited about the news, but I felt guilty because it wasn’t for my husband.

After nine months, I put to bed. Also as fate would have it, nemesis caught up with me. 

Roland, my side guy was my husband’s friend and of course, he was surprised to see me. I didn’t tell him that I was married, because I didn’t tell him ab initio.

After that day, Roland told me that he wasn’t going to allow another man be a father to his child, not when he was alive. I pleaded with him to no avail and threatened to sue me. I was speaking with him one day, I didn’t know that my husband was eavesdropping.

Yes, he had found out at last, and only God saved me from his hands… I pleaded, telling him that I did it to save our marriage.

He immediately called Roland and argued that the child was his, that he had embarked on fasting and prayers and that God had answered his prayers.

I didn’t know what to do. The battle continued months after months, until my baby turned one.

I shared my problem with an old friend who I came across. She was a doctor, who advised that only my baby would the judge in this matter.

We wondered how it was going to happen. So she invited us to the hospital. When all parties arrived (my husband, Roland, my baby and I) the doctor carried a DNA test on them, excluding me. 

After waiting for several days, the test result was out and it was the day I was either going to live or die. We went back to the hospital and she arrived with a paper in her hand, asking us to come to her office.

She explained that the test which she ran on all parties and that the baby’s blood matches husband’s. My husband and I were really happy though I was ashamed of myself.  But in the end, my baby was the judge who saved not only my day but face and life.

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