Colour Black Is White: The Truth So Far

Colour Black

Colour black is white … Yes, that’s the simple truth. Did you just say ‘how?’. You know that already, so it’s not something we really have to spend time talking about. Well, go ahead and tell anyone I said so, indeed, colour black is white. 

Let’s look at what both colours depict respectively, in their natural sense.

Black is the darkest colour. The result of the absence of complete absorption of visible light. It is an achromatic colour, a colour without hue. It is often used symbolically or figuratively to represent darkness.

Black is associated with power, fear, mystery, strength, authority, formality, evil, death and so on. It is required for all other colours to have depth and variation of hue.


White on the other is the lightest colour, and is achromatic. It is the colour of fresh snow, chalk, milk and it is the opposite of black.

The colour white is associated with light, purity, virginity, innocence, safety, cleanliness.

White could mean a successful beginning. White could be heaven, faith, humility, goodness, safety, and so on.

Above are what these colours represents naturally.

In our society today, things do not exactly show what they mean. “Things have fallen apart, and the centre can no longer hold.” People now see ‘BAD or WRONG’ and refer to them as GOOD or RIGHT’.

Relationships have continued to suffer, especially because one of the partners is stronger, financially than the other.The other person is more possessive, more influential and all what not, he does what ever he likes and gets away with it.

Colour Black is White!

Cheating used to be strange a behaviour that can make it hard for a man to be a good father or husband, but also a behaviour that isn’t correlated with familial love or care.

Men fall somewhere in the middle, between being absolutely faithful and having cheated once, realising it was immature and learning from it and quitting.

The society today, excuses ‘MEN’, when it comes to cheating or make excuse why they cheat and exonerate them.The society would say that “They were unsatisfied or unhappy,” some would say it was the woman that pushed him out”. 

But as a rule, ‘MEN CHEAT BECAUSE IT IS THEIR ADAMIC NATURE’, so … “what is wrong with that”? After all, “They are the MEN,” they were naturally made that way. Many excuses would just be flying in the air, justifying their actions.

 So the women should just accept them like that, or move out of the house, ‘Colour Black is White!

But when a woman does same, the society would frown at it. They call her names like ‘Slut….Shameless woman’. They would say it’s an abomination!

Most times, she gets thrown out of the house …  You see that ‘Colour Black is White’?

Well, the good news is that men don’t need to cheat to understand the hurt it may cause their partner. Once you are matured, you know that already, and avoid hurting him or her by cheating!

But one quick question I have for you is that “should Colour Black be White”? 

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