He Doesn’t Need To Know About My Past Yet (Part 2)


While iwas still thinking about my past I heard the knock a second time at the gate, “I thought as much,” I said in my mind, opening the door discovering that it was Dan, as usual, with the ‘Hello” usual greeting …but surprisingly, he added more words “How’re you today”? “Oh fine, thanks”, I responded almost immediately, while I stood by, as he began fetching water from the tap into his bucket.

I simply stood by as the water poured into the bucket generously.

In no time, the bucket was filled, then he turned to me and said, “What would you be doing tomorrow around 12 noon”? replied honestly, not knowing what he was up to. “Nothing, I’d just be at home”. “Very well”, he continued”. “Eh … Can you come around … I mean to my house? “Is anything the matter”? I enquired. “No actually, I only wanted you to meet a friend who likes you, and wants to meet you”.

“Alright then, 12 it is,” I replied …I’d spent that night pondering about who the person was, whom Dan wanted me to meet. The next day seemed to have arrived sooner than I expected, and then, it was time to meet Dan.

As usual, the rest of my family members were out, leaving me at home. After all house chores were done, I walked down to Dan’s place. He was with two young men, we exchanged pleasantries and I hoped to know which of the guys wanted to meet me.

“They came to see you” Dan had broken the silence. “I thought he said it was a guy, now two”?

After that meeting, I was to repeat my visit in the night, as I was convinced that there was a little errand which they wanted me to accompany them carry out, and I had a commission.

I was scared, but the money involved was tempting. I thought of my needs and all I could buy with the money. So I came out at 10pm as agreed. I had trusted Dan, who he was and he had convinced me that there was no problem.

On arriving the place, I was asked to take a parcel- like stuff and go in. There and then, I knew that something was amiss. I was instructed by one of the men to go in. Dan assured me softly that I would get a lot of money for that assignment. Anyways, that night was gone, and the beginning of something terrible.

Before I knew it, I had started doing drugs, plus other bad habits engulfed me, but I was making cool cash, as Dan had told me.

Before I realised it, nemesis caught up with me and I was apprehended by the police. My family was very disappointed in me, the church and those who knew my family. I was lucky somehow to get bailed after spending some months in jail.

Now, I am a better person and my fiancé is a lawyer who speaks highly of me. Recently, he asked me if there was anything about my past that he should know … No, I just can’t tell him … No, I can’t. 

He doesn’t need to know about my past yet.

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