Egbon and Mazi

Pigin News (1): IPOB with Lagos Na Wa

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But this is wrong

Ahn ahn Mazi, what is wrong?

The attack on Amaechi by the IPOB; I am an Igbo man and I do not support violence, I do not support violence of any form

It is okay to believe in something and be passionate about it but to attack somebody because of it is unbecoming. Who told the IPOB that they can do this?

Honestly, now Niger Delta youths don give dem ultimatum say make dem apologize in 7 days or dey go destroy the properties of all Igbo people in that area

Aah, Destroy property ke; IPOB go hear that one? I hope say you no get property for that side

I dey mad, wetin go carry me go Israel when space for Igbo land never finish. Any igbo man wey like himself go know say if dem follow the IPOB na wahala dem dey find

But the IPOB needs to apologize. No be like that dem dey do something, go through the proper channels

Egbon, you know enh… there are prisoners and there are prisoners

Wetin happen

Come see, senate say dem go pay Orji Uzo Kalu en full salary and allowances while he is in prison. No be big man prison be this

This kind prison no go teach am any lesson o, na this kind prison dem Obasanjo enter commot and turn to president

I dey tell you, dem talk say he don carry the case go court of appeal and until the case reach supreme court and supreme court agree with court of appeal before en go forfeit his position as senator

Na wa o. You mean say as I dey talk now Orji Uzo Kalu is still an active senator?

Na you commot am but from the small news wey dey street e be like say na personal attack dem join with this em corruption case

No just talk that one Mazi… you dey talk am because na Igbo man

I know say na the next thing wey you go talk be that…. but you don suppose know me by now, I don’t stand for what is wrong and I no talk say he is not corrupt o; I just talk say personal attack join this en sentence

Okay, how the personal attack take join am?

Because en wan commot for the next presidential race now, so dem wan attack am now before the thing go strong… you know say these northerners no ever want an Igbo man in power

Let me tell you something Mazi, e no get anybody wey dey for power wey go want make another person come into power. It is not a language or tribal matter, na human being matter

That one wey you dey talk na English, I don talk my own and I don’t know say you no go gree.

Then make we just leave the matter

Make we leave am. You see say Lagos government dey work? Dem don lock twenty four pharmacies and patent medicine stores

Aaah. Why dem lock am?

For illegal things now, say some of them no get licence and the rest no gree employ qualified people

That is good news, I even hear say dem shut down about 19 buildings because of building collapse

But this everyday building collapse for Lagos, you sure say no be person dey go push dem down?

Honestly, the thing tire me… na engineering problem dey cause am and before dem no dey check am well but I’m glad the government is coming up to speed

Nna enh, the speed dey are using enh. Na aeroplane speed

Speaking of aeroplane. Dem don open Enugu airport?

Dem never open am, they are still working on it

Which kind renovation dem dey do wey dey take how many months?

You wan go Enugu? Wetin come concern

Aah, I no wan near una IPOB o before una beat me and besides,Why e no go concern me? No be Nigerian citizen I be? Everything about this country concerns me

Mr Consa… I don dey go… I wan go buy goat

Goat? No be cow you talk say you wan buy?

You get money for cow?


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