Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (93): Mr Ibu Said Something Tragic

Hello Egbon… good morning o, I wan make you vex this morning

Mazi, my happiness is in the hands of the lord… e no get how you go make me vex this early murmur

You don hear the thing wey Mr Ibu talk?

Wetin e talk?

En talk say corona no dey

I no understand. Wetin e mean by corona no dey… say corona no dey en house? Or e no dey en area

Mr Ibu talk say corona virus no exist for naija, because e no know anybody wey get the disease or wey the disease don kill

Mtshw, you dey mind that wan; you dey mind person wey quarantine hunger wan kill; you see enh, when hunger don wire person well well e go start to dey talk nonsense. So because Mr Ibu no know people wey get the sickness or wey don die from, e mean say corona no dey naija. So all dey people wey don die from am get wetin?

I talk say this thing wey Mr Ibu talk go make you vex and you dey talk say your happiness is in the hands of the lord

No no Mazi… yes e go make me vex, how e no go make me vex. You know why e dey make me vex? Na because na people like Mr Ibu dey lead people for this country astray. How you go siddon talk something wey you no know?

Hmmm, my own be say the top people for government wey don die because of corona virus… Mr Ibu don forget those ones? Wey e go dey talk rubbish

Exactly, because na serious rubbish talk he dey talk. in fact en I no go ever watch en film again, since e don decide say e no get sense

Ahn ahn Egbon, e never reach like that now… no forget say everybody get right to get opinion about something and na en own opinion about this matter be this

But his opinion is wrong! Very very wrong! Sickness wey don kill many people and wey dey spread anyhow… no be because of coronavirus I never commot my house since

That wan na you no wan commot house, no be government tell you make you no commot from your house and no be Mr Ibu business say you never commot your house

Mazi, no talk like that… no talk like that if not my vex go reach your side

Na wa o. on top Mr Ibu matter?

Yes.. on top Mr Ibu matter because e be like say you dey support am

How you go talk like that now? How I go support am… okay if I dey support am, I go dey wear mask everywhere wey I dey go? No… so no talk like that

My own be say dem suppose arrest this Mr Ibu for useless talk like this wey go lead citizens astray

Okay o. that wan na you go go tell government to arrest am

En lucky say I no be part of government, na for jail e go do en own quarantine.

Abeg make we change the topic, Mr Ibu matter don do. Three hundred and fifty Nigerian soldiers don apply for resignation; you know their reason?

Wetin be their reason?

Loss of interest

Ha ha ha… from vexing to laughing. Mazi, na wa for the kind news wey you dey give person this morning o. how soldiers go just wake up say dem no get interest again?

Na so we see am o. e be like say dem look the country wey dem dey fight for and realize say the country no deserve their lives.

That wan too dey o. e be like say this thing wey you talk now fit be the reason sef.

Na the only reason wey I fit think of wey make sense.

Hmmm, it is well my brother


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