Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (90): Third Mainland Bridge Is The Main Bridge

Hello… Hello Mazi

Hello Egbon, I dey hear you

Na wa o, this wan wey your voice dey sound like this. You dey jog on top third mainland bridge?

How you take know say I dey jog?

See jamb question. Something wey you dey breathe like say the masquerade for your village dey pursue you

My brother, exercise is good for the body and I decided say today I go go do some exercise. How far now, wetin dey happen with third mainland bridge because I know say something don happen as you call am

My brother, dem wan close am o

Enh? Why?

Why you think say dem wan close am? Na to repair am now.

I no know say something dey wrong with third mainland bridge o and people still dey use am, dem know at all?

No be say something dey do the bridge but na just to renovate am so that e no go collapse.

Oh okay, make dem do am o because if third mainland bridge collapse enh, na serious disaster be that o

E go pass disaster, you know the amount of people wey dey use that bridge every day?

Speaking of the amount of people wey dey use the bridge now enh, if dem close the bridge wetin people go come do?

Aahn, Mazi, why you dey talk as if third mainland bridge na the only bridge wey dey lagos; ikoyi bridge dey there and other road dey wey people go pass. Na for six months dem dey close the bridge for o

Enh! Six months? Six months dey too long now. Which kind work dem dey do like that wey dey take six months?

If you ask me, who I go ask? Na the thing wey government talk na em I dey tell you. At least dem dey do one good thing by repairing dey bridge

Third mainland bridge no be something wey government go fit ignore because nobody know the time e go collapse and the governor fit dey on top the bridge sef, if e collapse so dey must to fix am.

Na true. Our government no dey play with the things wey go affect them; you remember how dey repair Abuja airport within six weeks because na all of dem dey use that airport

Nna enh, how I go forget; that time sef as dem talk say anybody wey wan fly go use Kaduna airport. The way wey dem rush repair Abuja-Kaduna road enh

My brother, I see am now… and dem no even kidnap one person for that Abuja-Kaduna road, not one… because dem increase the security for that road.

I dey tell you

Kai, this our government na selfish government

Na today you dey realize am?

Mtshww, no be so o. na as you bring am up now, I just think am. Anyway even if dem do something for their own selfish interest, at least citizens go benefit from am.

Na so. When dem do this third mainland bridge finish now, everybody go benefit from am both government and people.

You don hear say dem don suspend Ibrahim Magu?

Hmmm not only say I don hear about en suspension but I hear say dem go ransack en house yesterday

Aaah, iron handle don soft. Na wa o, whatever goes up must to come down. See as Ibrahim Magu just cast

How e no go cast? Abi you never hear say people wey dey live for glass house make dem no dey throway stone?

No be only glass house o, glass house wey dey high up in the sky for people to dey look every time and still yet e dey throw big big stone

We go dey watch to see how en story go end

Na the only thing wey we fit do be that. Alright o later


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