Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (87): The Interstate Travel Ban Lifted

Egbon, good morning o

Mazi, good morning… this wan wey your voice happy so, any bitter?

I dey happy o. as dem done lift this their interstate travel ban now; I fit travel go east by weekend

But Mazi, why you no dey hear word? The fact that dem don lift the interstate travel ban no mean say corona no dey again abi you no dey hear the kind damage wey corona dey dey for oyinbo land?

I happy say you call oyinbo land, you no call naija… na oyinbo land we dey? And even for that oyinbo wey corona dey kill dem anyhow, dem no get interstate travel ban

Who tell you that wan?

E be like say you no dey watch international news; go watch international news and you go see say their aeroplane dey work and people dey go from one state to another

Ehen, you don even prove my point sef, as dem no get the interstate travel ban and people dey travel from one state to another na so their corona cases dey increase everyday dey kill dem

See enh Egbon, e no get anything wey you go tell me now wey go stop me from going to the east; so just forget the matter.

Mazi e be like say you no know say all these transport companies go increase their price to augment the money wey the interstate travel ban don cost dem.

Who tell you that wan? I go check peace mass transit yesterday and their price dey as e dey before and you know the good thing? Dem dey even follow all the corona guide lines. When you wan travel with them dey bus no go full

Ehen? Okay now… anyway me I don talk my own. East no dey go anywhere, no need to rush travel go east before you go carry another wahala for yourself.

No worry, nothing do me. I dey kankpe.

You don hear say another governor don catch corona?

Which wan?

Ondo state governor, Rotimi Akeredolu na en be the news corona victim

Na wa o. where dem dey go catch am from now? Nobody dey go obodo oyinbo because that first first time na there dem dey go catch am from

Which kind question you dey ask be this?

No I mean say people of that position suppose dey very careful and dem even get resources pass normal person to protect them against the disease

Na you know wetin you dey talk. you fit follow all the rules and protect yourself but as long as you dey commot from house, anything can happen

That wan na the thing wey you dey tell yourself so that you no go commot from your house.

Okay now, I dey talk something now and you dey talk say my mouth dey smell; just pray say you no go catch as you dey do your waka dugbe up and down.

I don hear.  As you dey talk your talk, Ekiti state don open schools and public centres… life must go on my brother

Na dem know. But na person wey get life go go on with the life

Na true. But e no mean say those of us wey get the life go dye live am permanently in fear.

I no dey live in fear, I dey safe guard the life wey god give me; na you dey do anyhow with your life… if you no go east this weekend Mazi, you go die? As you no fit go east all these while, e get anything wey happen to you?

Na wa o. Egbon, you no go leave this east matter?

Okay o. I don leave am… safe journey

Na the thing wey you suppose talk since.

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