Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (86): Abiola Ajimobi Laid To Rest


Egboooon, this wan wey you dey call my name like this. I hope say all dey well?

Hmmm, you no see the things wey dey happen for the world? All is not well o… Dem don finally bury former governor of Oyo State, Abiola Ajimobi

Hmmm, my brother, I see the news. May his gentle soul rest in peace

This year don carry a lot of people with death o. As I read the news of Abiola Ajimobi burial the thing touch me as if I know am personally

Na so e be. Na so death be. You no suppose know person before en death go touch you. E good as dem quick bury am make en family move on

I even surprise say dem do the burial on time, I think say all these delay wey Abiola Ajimobi family dey announce go turn to family quarrel; you know as death of a family leader fit scatter the family way.

Na true. The thing wey me I think sef be say dem wan delay am so that dem go find a way to bury am without too many people for the burial

Abiola Ajimobi burial? E no possible; as I hear say e don die, I know say en burial go turn to another breathing ground for corona. You see the amount of people wey gather for that burial?

Oh boy. I see am… e even pass Abba Kyari own

Toh, na now we know say the people wey organize Abba Kyari burial even try sef; shey dem wear mask

Nna enh, most people wey go this Abiola Ajimobi burial no wear mask o. e be like say dem no even remember say something like corona dey sef.

And if we come say make dem punish the people wey go that burial now, the story go turn to another thing but if na ordinary man burial and people gather like that, dem go arrest everybody wey go that burial including the dead body.

You talk true o. Dem go arrest everybody we go Abiola Ajimobi burial? Or dem go arrest the people wey organize am?

Na the family wey dey mourn their dead you wan arrest? Or the wife wey don dey quarrel Oyo state governor na em dem go arrest?

Abiola Ajimobi wife don dey quarrel Oyo state governor? Wetin happen?

She talk say en no call am or send am text through her trying times

But why en no call am now?

You dey ask me? En talk say he call am but she no answer her phone and she come talk say she no get en number and she no dey pick number wey she no know… say he for send am text message make she know say na him

Na wa o. dead body never cold finish, fight don start

Na so we see am… she even talk say everybody go die wan day

Na wa o. wetin that comment come mean now? Na threat?

I no think say na threat. Na true everybody go die wan day… today na Abiola Ajimobi… tomorrow na another person

And the day e go come… no body go know

My brother… na silent coming o. e go come and you no go fit fight am. May we not see death before our time

Amin. You know say I never chop since yesterday? Make I go chop before hunger go turn to ulcer

Ha ha. No be so ulcer dey catch person o; sometimes no be hunger dey cause am sef, na stress and bacteria.

Mr. Doctor. While you dey talk your own… make I go chop.

Okay o. chop well. Greet your madam for me.

She go hear.

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